Is this a good game idea?

So today I spent about 30 minutes looking around roblox and the devforum for game ideas and my cat jumped onto my bed at that same time and I thought, hmm, what about “Cat Minigames”?

So the point of the game is you’re just a cat and you just play some minigames and have fun. Do you guys think it is an OK idea?


What kind of minigames specifically?


Cat related games. For example, first one up the cat tower wins, cat hide and seek, cat race, stuff like that.

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It seems like a good idea, but that would completely depend on your execution.

When you say cat tower, I’d expect it to be like this

When you say hide and seek, I’d expect a human to go looking for other cats.

When you say cat race, is it chasing after a mouse? Who gets the treat first? You could use these as a racing type.

The bottom line is, you add some innovation to your game because not many players will play your game just to look like cats :slight_smile:

Try to add more ideas, because every starting point does have a potential.


thank you, I will add more ideas that can make my games more appealing and interesting. Those were actually pretty good ideas for my gamemodes! thank you!


Can you add more details about what the game is?


That sounds like a great game idea. I would play it.

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No idea is a bad idea unless it breaks ToS, go for it! :smiley:

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I love it! That would be so much fun, and it’s a really unique and creative game idea! People could even make their own cats! There could be random power ups if they eat catnip for example.
Sorry for my rambling, but great idea! :smile_cat:


That sounds adorable! I would say it’s also definitely child friendly and I haven’t heard anything like it before. So all around it’s a great idea.

Maybe add a cat-customisation system where you can customise your cat tail, cat ears, fur length and colours, and I’m sure it’ll be a hit. It’s also important to consider replayability, so I’d say to ensure this make sure the mini-games are fast-paced and fun.

Good luck!


If you think it has the potential, go for it.

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