Issues with the Current Development Support Categories

Hey developers,

I think it is right to bring this situation to light as I have seen way too much of it lately.

Lately, I have seen way too many posts on support topics where people are asking for feedback. Instead of me responding to every single post about how this isn’t the correct channel and the correct way to post in the forum, I wanted to inform the community. I have responded to a couple of posts just to help out a bit but it has gone way to far to the point that it would seem inappropriate and time consuming to do so.

My response to these posts is usually this:

It seems that posts that users had initially posted in the bulletin board to be moved into the proper channels aren’t even moved properly. The rules in the support category clearly state:

This lack of knowledge among moderators or post movers concerns me if they can’t even follow basic rules in each category.

The typical post usually has a title such as


I am trying to help developers with real issues they may be experiencing in Roblox or Roblox studio while developing, not to help people think of new ways to add furniture to their building or tell them how good of a job they did when creating their first build. We need to bring awareness to this and inform people about the right channels to post in. Ignoring them isn’t going to help and is creating a misinformed group of New Members.

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