It is currently too hard to join a new server (without my friends in it)

In the past few days I’ve realized this a lot more than before.
When I join any game, in my case arsenal, Roblox prefers to make you join your friends Servers.

I think its sometimes nice that that happens, but very often i am trying not to join my friends.
A similar thread was opened 2 years ago and to this day this “issue” still exists

Old Thread

As a Roblox player, it is currently too hard to join a server my friend isn't in

Today it actually happened, that i kept joining the same empty server where one of my friends was in for over 20 times. It was really “annoying” to me as i was just trying to find a brand new server.
I’ve tried to change my join settings which of course gave me the same results as expected, i still joined my friends -> but no one could join me

Suggested “fixes” were:

  1. To play on an alt account.
    This solution is not helpful for me though since i am trying to level up on my main account and i do like to keep switching servers after a while.

  2. To unfriend the People
    No, i won’t unfriend each time someone just to join a new server. This really doesn’t seem like a solution to me either!

  3. Some People would now recommend me to join a different Server using the Server List Feature from Roblox, sadly that system does have some flaws.

The Server List Feature:
I’ve experienced over quite a bit of time, that the system can be quite nice, but sadly very often makes you join servers, that do have a very high ping. Normally when you join a Roblox server it seems like Roblox picks the servers that are the best for your location (low ping).
Sadly when you use the Server List Feature very often you end up in a Server with a very high ping.
The ping can go up to 999ms + mostly it is around 200-600 though. Which is then again unplayable in a game like Arsenal

In my case for a fast paced game like arsenal this is really bad and gives you a huge disadvantage.
But also in other games that can be pretty bad and sometimes also a bit disturbing.
Mainly when I experience any sort of Ping lag I tend to leave the server.

My Idea to fix this issue:
Would it be possible to have a feature that allows players to decide, by as an example checking a box in the settings, to either join their friends or join brand new servers?