It's a Pizza Party! March Event Sign Ups


Got it! Thank you.


Are there any requirements for the game?
Does it need ___ visits/___ likes in order to become an event game?


Can the gear the Roblox staff wants in the game be added in directly by the developers or do we have to open the game to all outside gear?

I’m just imagining the problems this could cause in certain games.


Nope! But we do favor games that use a lot of platform features (rthro, future is bright, cross platform, etc…). But we do want to highlight all types of games, experiences, showcases, etc…


That’s great! Looking forward to this event.


You can do your own script so you dont have to open your game to gears. But a gear party is always fun to watch. :slight_smile:


My game is expected to be released in Februari, if I can provide screenshots and/or a testing game. Is it possible to apply?


Always apply! You never know :wink:


What do you preffer? Screenshots or a testing game?


survey should have a place for links


Is this like a traditional event in the sense that developers are supposed to create a task or challenge for players to earn a badge or are the launchers the only part of it?


Up to you :slight_smile: Could make it rain or do a crazy mission!


Will we get support on how to make your event unique (If ur application is accepted)


We are always around to help, but dont under sell your own creativity.


Interesting event. It has a uniqueness to it I really like.


Cool. Also out of curiosity, if the launcher is provided by Roblox, can edits be made to the script by the developer, for example disabling it during a part of a game or would it have to be used exactly as given?


Does the game need to be active for you to apply, or can the Event Staff go through the game without the game being active?


I’m looking forward to this event! :partying_face:


Cool! The more events the better


Ok so I have this great game idea Ive had in the back of my mind. Anyways I think it will work great with this event so I was wondering maybe be able to enter in my idea now and or be able to enter later due to the fact the event takes place in March… Also does this have to work for all platforms? I was wondering if I could just do it for mobile and computer for now then later on if I have time make it for console too.