It's way too hard finding quality projects on the Talent Hub

As a Roblox developer, it is too hard for me to find viable projects because pretty much every opportunity on the Talent Hub is way too cheap or even unpaid. I would love to work on some commissions in my free time but it’s really not worth it if every project pays less than minimum wage.

I want to be part of an actual team. I want to contribute my best work to the platform. This is currently not possible.

My ideas to combat this are simple:

1. Require every job to list the pay. I don’t want to analyze an already vague job description to see what I’m getting paid. Make the pay displayed right next to the job title. The best developers are already doing this by putting the pay in brackets anyway.

2. Incentivize quality work. Developers should be able to show screenshots of their projects and get us excited to work on their games. They should be able to show us their awesome communities and what’s possible working with them. There could even be reviews people can leave about the developer. Think like Fiverr.

3. Stop the bad actors. I honestly feel The Talent Hub should be moderated so low-quality projects are removed. That doesn’t necessarily mean get rid of all the cheap or underpaid projects. However, projects that say “You might be paid” or “Payment will be negotiated based on your skills” need to be completely removed. They are completely unfair to those of us trying to do actual commissions, and flood the Talent Hub pages.

This is not one of those “please get rid of the Talent Hub” threads but I do want to say, I used to get super great project opportunities on the dev forums. A lot of that was because you could show how serious your project was, and I could easily show my portfolio. Scammy projects would be pointed out by the community.

Until I can find quality work on the Talent Hub, I will be looking to other platforms for my side hustles. I really hope Roblox can fix the Talent Hub, as I love working on Roblox projects! Fingers crossed.


I’ve thankfully not met many bad actors yet, however I have definitely seen my fair share and been completely ghosted multiple times before I have been paid to properly finalise and send something (one even blocked me when I tried following up for payment) - Note: don’t worry I haven’t had anything stolen, before payment I only send low res screenshots with insanely obnoxious multiple layer coloured watermarks, as well as in-studio background watermarks, and I highly doubt anyone could make use of those

My main problem with these bad actors isn’t that they’re there (they’re gonna happen no matter what) but more that reporting the job listings does nothing (they’re all still up, or have been since reposted with identical wording) and others will have to endlessly suffer wasting their time or worse, having content used before payment if they forget to watermark it.


This is so true. No TradeSheild, no customer support, no official reviews, no balance.
Try Fiverr, they got all that.


Every day i check the talent hub and within a few seconds of scrolling, sometimes immediately, i see multiple posts that look like they were made by 9 year olds (and likely were.)

This is a direly needed change. The talent hub is, in my case, often entirely unusable, due to the abhorrent post quality of nearly every builder/modeler commission. Again, most look like they were made by children.

However, have seen some promising long term work, although most long term postings are percentage based and likely written by children.

This post highlights many of the major issues of the talent hub and it’d be nice if change could be made accordingly which we really haven’t seen since October.

Other changes that could complement this well would be the removal (or at least major overhaul of) the filter, as well as restriction of the TH to forum members.

Thanks for reading.

edit: here’s an example of what i’m talking about:


These depends on the work or just some random stuff written there is really annoying.
I think they should also be an option for filtering by prices.
Or maybe a filter for age requirements as some people aren’t 18+ and want to read and entire post just to see that you can’t do it.
Same for experience requirement


  • Age requirement filter
  • Experience filter (time, 1+ year for example)
  • Payment filter

I think I also saw this a while ago and reported it and no action taken.

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Another example of something that still isn’t moderated dispite me reporting it for being in the wrong category.
vor 6 Tagen = 6 days ago


The opposite is true as well. It is very difficult to find viable candidates in the talent hub because there are no way to sort people by skill level. Unlike Fiverr where you can sort “gigs” and sellers by ratings and reviews. Devforum has its faults but it was easier to collaborate using it. We actually used it. We avoid talent hub.


its so insulting when you see “you pament be 10 robux” how is this allowed?


In all honesty, if I was working 10 robux per small asset (Like food models at the maximum.) I would be fine with that. But the grammar… The grammar gives away it was made by some 10 year old. I have seen many of these recently. I am not saying you need to verify your Roblox account to be on Talent Hub! But maybe better or accurate moderation would help combat this issue.

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This is far too true, roblox should not have removed collaboration until they had perfected the moderation and features of the talent hub. Another big thing is that it has so much more potential to be 10x better than collaboration but it was implemented so wrong. If roblox gets better moderation on there to prevent things like this(Ex: 10 Robux for a 90 Minute Session), (500 Robux for a map that will take 5 - 9 hours)

The talent hub just seems like a missed oportunity for roblox.



Hi all! Thanks for all the useful feedbacks! The talent hub team will review all the requests and plan for the works! We really want to make the product to be helpful for all the creators so please stay tune!


I agree with this but think this should be expanded even more, sometimes the body of the descriptions say things like “Pay is negotiable” without stating the budget or an estimate of what they’re looking to pay. If I am going to be applying for a long commission where I have to create a system for you and it’s going to take me 40 hours, then I apply, then you tell me your budget is 1000 robux, you tell me how much you undervalue my work. This is borderline scamming on its own, you should be able to tell people about how much they’re being paid. At least give me a number and we can negotiate BEFORE I do any work. There has to be a quality filter for payment as well, if you’re giving 100 robux for 10 meshes, that is also essentially being scammed.

Timeframe should also be listed for long-term projects. If I’m going to have to rush myself, and I find that out after I apply, I’m going to be stressed and pressured until I finally give you a buggy/half broken result because I won’t have time to test because my schedule wouldn’t be suited to work with yours.

We need a quality filter for appliers as well. I’ve taken several applications that have said “hi” or “me plz i’m so good at _____!!!” and looking at their profile, they have no examples, and their message has no examples either.

Finally, we need some sort of insurance. If I’m doing this as a way to earn a little extra money, I need it to be risk-free. I don’t want there to be a chance that I’m going to be scammed because bob49958349 refuses to give me what I worked for.

The end.

Sorry to say, but you’re seriously undervaluing your work.

As per devex rates, one robux is $0.0035. At R$10 per asset, you’re making 3.5 cents per asset. To make a single dollar, you will have to make 28.5 models. Suppose you’re able to pump out 1 asset per minute, you’re making 60 assets per hour, 3.5cents * 60minutes = $2.10 per hour. Hiring someone for $2.10/hour is illegal, not to mention scummy. And that’s reduced even more with the adjustments you will have to inevitably make.

You need to stop working for these people, your work is sure as hell worth more than that.


I fully agree with this. The pay some developers offer is just criminal.


I really do think that adding a Response Rate for developers posting job applications will make them take their own posts seriously. There’s plenty of job posts on the Talent Hub right now that aren’t actually even open- they just let it continue to run and they end up neglecting the growing application pool because they don’t want to deal with the hassle of rejecting or closing the post.

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These people which underpay you are cheapskates and basically, criminals. they expect a whole map to be done in 5/9 hours and you get like 50 robux only from that. Who the hell will take that offer?

I think this should be implemented

Directly show compensation without needing to click on the job.

Allow to show jobs which only has your desired minimum and maximum robux.

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Not to mention it’s inactivity!

Chances are, devs are checking the DevForum, not the Talent Hub, so the Talent Hub gets almost no jobs for some areas. For example, I’m unable to find any recently posted UI design jobs, even with verified filter disabled!

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On my opinion, the best things to do is the following:
-Use same verification as voice chat (you just need an account already verified and with maybe a phone number verified).
-Review system, that mean when you get recruited or recruit someone you can make a review (from 1 to 5 stars) and comment (It can limit scams, like when you see the review).

Thanks for reading, that’s my opinion.

Edit: that’s an exemple of what need to be moderated

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This wou,d make things much worse. The talent hub is not limited to only people 13+ and even people 13+ might not have a phone. You have to realise that not everyone has a phone or even wants a phone. You can much more eisily say that somebody has a pho e if they are 16+. Just because most people have phones does nkt mean that everyone does. I know a lot of people who don’t have phones. Infact most of the people I know don’t have phones. And not everyone wants to give away yheir identity. People who dont have their driver’s permit or a drivers license might not have an Id. Especially those who don’t travel cross country. If everyone did, then there would be a lot more people verified.

This would only decrease the amount of people geting the help they need. If a developer didn’t have very much robux then how would they ever be a le to hire people? Lets say someone had a game I dea that had a 100% chance of extremely good success, but the dev only had sometjing like 200 robux. With this feuture people would just pass the topic by and lose out on something good untill some big company or someone with a ton of robux came along and made a game on it.

Not everyone who says stuff like this is acting. I agree that you should have to give a base payment but come on, negotiating based on someones work os pretty much how you pay someone. Would you pay someone who was terrible 40k robux because that was your base payment? Of course not! Negotiating is how both devs come out happy with what they got.

You’re not going to hire any people if you aren’t transparent about payment and pay competitively compared to the applicant’s experience.

The payment should be clearly displayed on the page so people can make the right decisions while looking for jobs.