I've been working on a remake of Raven Rock from Roblox Battle

Thought I’d share some comparisons with you guys.


We have this thread though

We have this section though

Linked thread is more appropriate than separate topic in cool creations for small posts. Threads in category are more intended for long overviews of projects.


Why do I even bother posting anything, good god

We are a very category specific people. Its a side effect of most people in here being programmers

Seems like a cool little project though. I find that old Roblox rebuilt brick for brick don’t look very great compared to modern day maps. I would suggest adding even more detail into the map to make it seem like more of an evolution rather just newer version.


I loved the part you blurred out haha. Anyways I’m gonna be adding some more detail, definitely.

Looks pretty lit so far. :slight_smile:

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Thanks random person who has no association with me whatsoever!

(Hi Resh)

You’re incorrect, Spathi posted this in the proper category. People post UI progress, build progress and even screenshots of showcases here all the time. The thread linked above is an example of this.

To quote the official rules of this thread:

You can showcase your games, other peoples’ games, artwork, scripts, or other unique creations

Not to mention you didn’t even contribute to the topic:

Remember to keep criticism constructive; nobody likes being told that their work isn’t up to your standards without reason!

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Resh you’re right.

The official rules thread says nothing about having to post small projects on that said thread. So it’s just a community enforced thing. Meaning it’s not official.

There are so many other threads just like mine, and none of them are being nit picked. So I’m gonna assume what I’m doing is fine, especially since the rules say nothing against it and exactly, they didn’t even keep on topic.

Top Contributors generally have a good idea of how the forum works, as we regularly work with DevlRel to discuss and provide feedback on future forum changes. This is true even more so for Top Contributor leads (not distinguished on forum, but currently buildthomas and myself), of necessity through handling forum moderation.

Top Contributor is a publicly denoted so that you can recognize users who have a pretty good understanding of how the forum works – next time you have a question regarding something a Top Contributor says, it’s probably a good idea to politely ask for clarification instead of becoming extremely hostile, embarking on a crusade to prove them wrong.

In this case, my earlier suggestion is based on potential future changes to Cool Creations. As noticed by Veldaren earlier in the thread, Cool Creations and “What are you working on currently” are redundant for shorter posts, so the rules for Cool Creations may change in the future to resolve that. The reason similar threads exist in Cool Creations and this one hasn’t been merged into “What are you working on currently” is because that change hasn’t taken effect.

My previous post is only a means to clarify the uncertainty between the first two replies, and not to enforce a change that doesn’t exist yet (note the wording of the reply), but you should probably get in the habit of doing so as forum members are already noticing the redundancy of the two (e.g. first post).


That’s not at all what I’m doing, I was explaining why he posted it in the proper subforum.

I’m just gonna uh, not bother creating any posts anymore. Everytime I try there’s always something wrong. I’ll just stick with replying, thanks for the clarification Echo.

It kinda hurts that I tried showcasing my development and the only replies I got were referring to the placement of my post and nothing else. Thanks.

This thread can be deleted now.