ixArcher | Experienced Ad designer

about me

Hi! My user is ixArcher, and I am a clothing and ad designer! I have been on Roblox since 2017 and designing ads since early September '20 (clothing designer portfolio)

my terms
Please make sure you agree to these simple rules before hiring me!

ღ I can refuse or cancel commissions for any reason.
ღ I do not accept all requests
ღ I expect payment before I give you the ad/upload it for you
ღ Respect my time
ღ If you pay via a shirt, you MUST pay the extra 30% that Roblox takes.

my work

ad 11

Prices vary from 100-1000 RS based off of the complexity of the ad.

ღ I will send you a watermarked copy of the ad once I am finished, and I will send you the ad after you provide the payment.
ღ I do not take percentages as payment.
ღ I will not adjust my prices any lower.


  • I live in Eastern Standard Time (EST)
  • I will be available on weekends and after 3 PM.

ღ 1 ad = 1-2 days
ღ 2-4 ads = 2-7 days
ღ 5 or more ads = 7+ days, can be discussed.

These time slots are not set in stone, I have a personal life just like you. Please respect my time, as I am not a magician and cannot produce a large order in just a few days.

Thank you!

I hope you take into consideration my work, and I look forward to working with you!
I currently don’t have access to discord, if you’re interested we can message through DevForum.


I don’t think you need Premium to upload ads…


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Hi, I really like your ads. Are you available to do one?

Holy cow, ixArcher is super fast with the ad design! It looks amazing. I’d definitely hop onto this opportunity if you are looking for a quality ad! Amazing job.

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