[CLOSED] ixArcher | Clothing Designer

Hi! My user is ixArcher, and I am a clothing designer! I have been on Roblox since 2017 and designing clothing since early July '20. (ad designer portfolio) Since then, I have created my own clothing group (which I upload only when I have time) ixAesthetics.

I took a short hiatus from January '21 to Mid-February '21. I have designed continuously other than that short break. I use paint.net to design.

Here are some posts you might have noticed me in, if not, check them out!

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Please make sure you agree to these simple rules before hiring me.

  • If you upload the clothing for me, give me credit in the description of the item
  • I can refuse or cancel commissions for any reason.
  • Reference images are required.
  • I expect payment before I give you the template/upload it for you
  • I can work long term, but prices must be met or exceeded





first yt vid Purple Checkered Fit display

pink skirt kitty

kawaii pink yellow fit

lord mop 1 display streetwear shirt

  • Single (shirt or pant) - 500-1500 R$
  • T-Shirts: 50 R$ (.5 usd)
  • Outfits (shirt+pant) - 600-1600 R$

I will send you the clothing on a character display once I am finished, and I will send you the template after you provide the payment. I do not take percentages as payment. I will not adjust my prices any lower.

These prices are not set in stone, if you pay via T-shirt you MUST pay the extra 30% that Roblox takes. Payments through USD will always be by paypal.

  • I live in Eastern Standard Time (EST)
  • I will be available on weekends and after 6 PM.

ღ 1 outfit = 2-3 days

ღ 2-4 outfits = 3-7 days

ღ 5 or more outfits = 7+ days, can be discussed.

These time slots are not set in stone, I have a personal life just like you. Please respect my time, I am also human just like you, I can’t produce large orders in just a day.

DevForum: @ixArcher

Roblox: ixArcher

Group: ixAesthetics

Unforunately, I do not have a discord. Please send me message on DevForum to contact me.


Do you have any past work we can look at?

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Do you take percentages of group sales?

No, sorry! I usually only take a set payment.

Hi i reached out to you but you never replied back

I’m sorry! What’s your discord?

My discord is jakee#0004we we’re talking nit too long ago

Hi, im interenting to work with you, contact me in discord NayLinatica#4107

Would you be able to make me a LARGE amount of clothing, for a large one time payment, for example 15 pieces of clothing for like 5k - 6k?

Mhm! it depends on what style you’re looking for, though, and how soon you want it done.

Greetings! I am interested! Please add my discord: Keasim#0001

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I don’t have access to discord at the moment, if you’re interested you can PM here!

I got a commission from her, she was very polite and friendly and finished the order very quickly. Definitely recommend.


Very fast and well made commission! I will have to make another order at a later point :slight_smile:

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Wow! ixArcher is a really fast and talented clothing designer. They had very good communication skills and she works very fast! Would definitely recommended, and I will definitely order again in the future.


I was super pleased with what I got from @ixArcher. She was able to finish my order in 1 day!!! 1000/10

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