Kick message stopped working with \n

Reproduction Steps

local message = "You have been banned for 0 day(s): \n \n BEING SMELLY \n \n If you think this was by mistake please contact the developer."

Expected Behavior

I don’t have any screenshots of what it would look like before but it was something like this:

A red banner at the top of the screen with the following message:

You were kicked from this experience: You have been banned for 0 day(s): 
 If you think this was by mistake please contact the developer.

Actual Behavior

With the new kick message, it no longer respects new lines which can make visual clarity slightly more difficult.


None. Not even adding multiple spaces to pad out parts of the message works.

Issue Area: Engine
Issue Type: Display
Impact: Low
Frequency: Constantly


Currently the new line feature on the kick message does not work and this is not a bug, roblox has disabled it.

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It used to work, but Roblox disabled it and I don’t know.

Arsenal used to use the same thing for it’s kick ban messages, but it doesn’t work now.

I’m banned from arsenal, and this is what it looks like

The n\ isn’t working.

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It has been removed from the kick feature.

Here you can find the official post by Roblox staff:


One workaround you could do is make a custom GUI message and when you want to kick/ban them, parent it to their player and destroy their character. do not let them respawn, chat, move, etc. You can also add a Leave button at the bottom and if they press it, kick them from the game :slight_smile:


Those “Kicked” players would still be in the server defeating the purpose of the kick

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But it allows you to show them a kick message. By removing their ability to do anything, it essentially is the same as a kick, but the player remains in the server.

What happens if a server is full and you want to kick a player to reserve a spot? Just an example.

In that case, kick them. In @Noobot9k’s case, he wants to ban hackers and give them a message. I am not talking about reserving spots in servers.

Exploiters can still cause problems if they are not kicked tho. They can use exploits to gain their chat and character back easily.

it’s very easy to prevent them from doing that. you just need to add some server-side checks

Chat is client-sided and client side checks could be easily removed with exploits.

I think new line isn’t really required in this situation and keep it as it is.

With server side checks, you can prevent that. Please stop arguing with me.

How can a server side check for client side scripts? You cant.

I can remove the client check using exploits and the server wouldn’t have known because the changes are not replicated to the server

You could remove their ability to chat on the server! :astonished:

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Whoa! They can enable the chat using exploits and the server can’t tell if it is enabled or not because exploits only effect the client :astonished:

Say goodbye to Network Ownership :slight_smile: also you really like to argue, dont you?

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