Koala Association | Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a short list of questions and answers for the most frequently asked questions on the group wall.

Q: How do I rank up?
Our ranking system uses in-game points in order for players to move up ranks in the group. The rank levels are:
Cashier - 50 points
Experienced Cashier - 300 points
Senior Cashier - 600 points
Lead Cashier - 1000 points
Intern - 2500 points
You can earn points by serving customers, cleaning dirty tables and moping the floor.

Q: How do I give food to customers?
At the bottom left of your screen, you should see a green box with a search bat. To use this all you need to do is enter the customer’s name, click it and then select the items you wish to hand to the customer. Then simply click send.

Q: How do I join the group?
Go to: https://www.roblox.com/groups/937709/Koala-Association#!/about and click ‘Join group.’

Q: How do I get a job at Koala Cafe?
Firstly, join the group (see above), then go to our application center and answer the questions correctly to get ranked!

Q: When are helper interviews?
Helper interviews are held roughly every two weeks, they will be announced a few days before hand with the timings on our Twitter and on group shouts, so keep a lookout.


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