Let me use collision groups on the client


As a developer, it is impossible too hard to change a local part’s collision group

You can’t make a collision group from the client. This makes sense.

But you also can’t set a part’s collision group from the client. This makes less sense. I don’t see why this would be the case.

I need to be able to do this so that I can have local debris that don’t collide with the character.

Here are the methods I want enabled:



I would say “too hard” instead of impossible. It is possible to change the collision group id to ones that were already created on the server.


It’s not. The methods error.


Oops, should have specified changing the actual property BasePart.CollisionGroupId.


I’m looking in to some collision group issues already. We can probably do this.

It’ll probably take a while to ship once it’s done; for client side API changes we usually have to wait for mobile to be force upgraded so it’s consistently supported across all versions…



part.CollisionId = num


I know it took a while, but I have a change ready for this. Should be able to do this soon-ish.

Might still be a month or so before I can enable this. Client API change, need to wait for all clients to have it.


Has this been added yet? It would be very useful to me