Level Up Worldbuilding Roundtable ft. Myzta

Hi developers,

Join us for a Level Up roundtable discussion on what worldbuilding is and why it matters!

Worldbuilding is the creation of an imaginary world through the careful use of narrative, level, and game design. By creating a deep, engaging world with it’s own history, characters, creatures, and conflicts the player can become immersed in your world and its story.

Watch the roundtable to learn more from Myzta, developer of Mermaid Life and one of the best world-builders on Roblox. This discussion will help you understand how everything works together so you can create immersive worlds for your players!


:mermaid: Watch the Roundtable with Myzta

Meet the Team

Anne / Myzta - CEO of Fullflower Studio LLC

Anne (Myzta) is the CEO of Fullflower Studio LLC. She started the company in early 2020 with the idea to create meaningful experiences that would make a positive impact on the world. Before Fullflower Studio, she was the solo dev of a project called My Droplets; Fullflower Studio took this game under its wings and tried to push the limits of what a pet experience on Roblox could be.

From there on out, she learned a lot from that experience and went onto working with an incredible team to create Mermaid Life - a fantasy roleplay experience where you can be any kind of mermaid you want and immerse yourself in an open underwater environment! The success of Mermaid Life was not possible without the help of so many talented developers including EvilArtist, the lead artist and co-founder of the experience, as well as Hlelo_Wolrd, the lead engineer that brought our mermaids to life with incredible tail physics. There are so many other talented developers that are part of our team and you can check them out in the game credits for Mermaid Life and My Droplets!

Design Process

"With each game we create, we want to emphasise sharing meaningful ideas with our player base. We always try to make sure that we are sharing positive messages with our community. This can be through the release of content, game mechanics, or just general world building. With our general player base being quite young, we try to make sure that we are teaching important things so that they are growing and learning in a positive way.

I look forward to sharing the world building process of Mermaid Life at the next Level Up event. I hope that you all get inspired to create your own immersive games!!"

– Myzta


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Cool, very helpful for game designers!

Wow I love the tail physics! They’re so flowy and smooth. Great job on them, @hlelo_wolrd !

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Nice! however the format is a bit hard to consume, just reiterating feedback from a previous post like this:

It’s really hard to find bits I’m interested in, and the content is too long to watch if I’m not sure it’s going to have some value for me.

Would be great to have the videos edited so that they are segmented with YouTube sections so it’s easier to digest.


Thanks for the feedback, Buildthomas! That’s a great idea about the summary. We may experiment with smaller videos, too – we want to make Level Up content as useful for our devs as possible. We appreciate your thoughts!

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