Lighting - Custom Ambient

I was wondering if I could change the color fade for the sky.

Here is an example of what I want: (From 2 years ago)

If this is not a feature, is there a way to re-request this feature? It’s been 2 years since it’s been last asked for.


you could recreate it with some skybox trickery, but it would be very inefficient (having to reupload several images to adjust slight color changes).

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I heard you can use viewportframes as like a custom skybox.
You can try making a cylinder mesh with the inside being empty and having a gradient on the cylinder itself.
(Might be odd but would be better and can be changed easily by changing the texture color using scripts)

Here we go : 3DSkybox - A way to create more immersive skyboxes for your game


That’s amazing!

I will try and educate myself about viewport frames, Thanks (:

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Would it be okay to put the entire map into the Viewport Frame? (Considering performance)

This would make my life a lot easier if this is okay, considering that I would have a 100% accurate player location on the 2D map, and that I could code it to automatically render when the map changes.

(I am in the process of building my map in case you guys were wondering why it’s 1/3rd built)

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For a minimap, would it be okay to put a copy of the map into a Viewport Frame? I don’t see any issues with performance, but I want to know if it’s okay for most players (considering performance as a priority).

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You’re better off rendering the map and working from that if I’ll be honest. Viewports are still in a work in progress. Performance wise, it would be better to load images instead of rendering a map. Its less intensive on the client’s memory.
You can use this Minimap Creator [RoRender] to render your game.


I will revert to my old ways I guess…

Along with Viewport Frames, I wish that they added the feature to save the current rendered image as a png file within studio so that I could use the image for my minimap background.


Roblox Studio --> Play Game --> Right Click ViewportFrame --> Save render as png

*I know there are plugins that can simulate a render (by setting the camera FOV to 1), but this would be more exact

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That would be good, consider making a feature request! :slight_smile:
RoRender is a good alternative anyways.


Anyways, getting back to the topic of Custom Ambient, I think that we should have the feature to be able to have a color fade rather than a solid color ambient within lighting…

This seems like it would be easy to implement, considering that Roblox already uses color fade for things such as beam, and trail objects.

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