List of roblox servers with DDoS protection (udmux enabled)

Update 3: 9/4: All servers have UDMUX, except Washington DC, however, it also seems like people managed to bypass them

Last update as of 6-6-23

Los Angeles: (10.208.#.#)
Amsterdam: (10.176.#.#)
Singapore: (10.20.#.#)
Singapore 2: (10.182.#.#)
Sydney: (10.60.#.#)
Miami: (10.12.#.#)
Miami 2:
Dallas (10.8.#.#)
Seattle/Portland (10.194.#.#)
Paris (10.196.#.#)
Frankfurt (10.9.#.#)

For people using HTTP requests to tell if a server is protected

Roblox will use a range of IPs in these IP range to send httprequest, instead of the ip used to connect to the game server:
Amsterdam: 128.116.121.*
Los Angeles: 128.116.116.*
Miami: 128.116.45.*
Singapore: 128.116.50.*
Sydney: 128.116.51.*
Dallas: 128.116.95.*
Seattle/Portland: 128.116.115.*

How to identify a protected server

Open the log file, if the server is unprotected there would be a line stating
[FLog::Output] Connecting to x.x.x.x:[Port]
If the server is protected, it would state something along the lines of
[FLog::Output] Connecting to UDMUX server x.x.x.x:[Port], and RCC server 10.x.x.x:[Port]

Inspired by thread

Many roblox developers have been reporting DDoS attacks on their game, many can agree ddos has been a big issue, especially towards smaller games, and including session based games.

If your game have been experiencing unexplained lag (after checking for backdoors and vulnerabilities), ask for someone who is near the stated location to create servers and see if it helps.

IP of the game server are public information and can be found by pressing ctrl+shift+f3, in logs and even without joining the game at all and using gamejoin API.


Wait, so ONLY select servers have protection?? Why is that??


Perhaps for costs? Doesn’t seem like their best interest to prevent it as long as it doesn’t happen to a server.

Could also be security concerns regarding how the protection works.


As of currently, probably due to cost or infrastructure limits, I will update the list when more is released

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Roblox just purchases servers & deploys their software on those servers, this ‘protection’ isn’t apart of the roblox software, it’s apart of the server regulations, it’s a bonus, an addition I guess you could say.

Also people try to actually make bots & services to generate servers in these ranges & locations :smile:
It’s chaos


Roblox no longer purchase dedicated servers, they moved fully onto colocation in 2020, udmux is likely a hardware upgrade, that is slowly rolling out.

After observing 2 weeks of Venti crashing, I have observed that when a LA server spawn, the attack pauses and ashburn server is made, resulting in players being sent there and LA server shutting down, when that happens attack continues, I have also tried to spawn Netherlands server, when that happens same thing but london server is used

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Oh? Good to know, is there a source to go with this as well so I can have a quick real about it? And yeah, the ‘Hardware Upgrade’ is what I mean by the server regulations :smile:

Regarding server downtime & crashing, yeah I am sorry for that, there are some really low players on roblox who for some reason feel it is important to commit a crime on a games platform :joy:

I tried once to counter a DDoS and the most I could do was detect it, then post that message off to a discord/guilded webhook. (this is through Lua, no other applications involved.)

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for Venti, it is what I observed, for the servers, there are many articles including techcrunch published how roblox completely changed its tech stack which shows that roblox moved from cloud computing provider to own datacenters

For the hardware upgrade, not confirmed or anything but what is used is likely NAT, and a new switch providing hardware ddos mitigation. the switch is extremely expensive.

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Why did you replace parts of the address with **#**s?

Since it could be anything, such as on one server I played it was and the other was

Whats happened to Amsterdam servers?


Likely down for maintenance, I don’t see any games have it and it is impossible to ping the server, not sure about what happened.

I’ve been on the whitelist for a few months and none of my servers will form. It’s making my games 100% unplayable.

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It’s likely the whitelist is strictly forcing datacenter 232 (the netherlands server) on your game, meaning if the netherlands server is down, it will try to form server on the specified datacenter but is unable to, I recommend contacting whoever gave you the whitelist for a timeline on how long the downtime will likely last, and creating a duplicate of the game to temporarily get rid of the whitelist

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Update 3/15, Dallas servers now fully have protection.


I feel like significant areas should have DDoS protection, like Virginia. Virginia is a good spot since it covers most of the East coast

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Amsterdam protected servers have returned. I see a couple of them on Deepwoken.

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Is there a way to create servers that have only those IPs? I own a small game, having 1-3 servers is quite ideal and it would be even better if they were protected

You could, but someone need to create the server manually with vpn and check it manually, I don’t think there is an api to do it but I might be wrong

I just realized - I’ve kind of just been taking it at face value based off this post, but how do we know UDMUX servers actually have DDoS protection? I know the Roblox gamejoin endpoint gives an internal 10.x.x.x IP address when joining a game, which the game client then resolves a “UDMUX address” for to connect to. But how do we know anything more than that? I can’t find much other information on this.