Your roblox game servers are being ddosed? I made a solution

This script makes it so if a new server is opened with an unprotected IP it shuts down the server and tells the user to contact admins.

When a new server needs to be made you open up a VPN in a secured location and open the server there.
[List of roblox servers with DDoS protection (udmux enabled)](https://Protected IP list)

DDosProtectionRoblox.lua (1.1 KB)

If you are starting up a new game do not submit to their harassment and blackmail. After you do this. Contact developer relations for whitelisted protected servers.

A good method is to make it so severs are not created until the server reaches full capacity. And then when you see that servers are full create a new one on a VPN near a protected IP.

I want to see the developer community thrive and make games with no bad actors like I experienced here in this post. [Our game needs urgent help. [Roblox DDOS attacks]](https://Post of proof of my ddoss attacks)


Contact Dev relations:

Enjoy ddos protected servers :slight_smile:

NOTE to anyone who is saying “This will lower your player count”. This is a temporary solution so servers that are unprotected will be shutdown so when that server builds up the ddoser will not be able to ddos it. Thing is ANY unprotected server the ddoser will wait for the server to build up and then kick it off. This script makes it so that is not possible. Please just read the whole post before reply.

ANOTHER NOTE | Do not expect the players to be the one creating the servers. As I stated set the server max count too fill all the way. You want to pay attention to these servers and if you see all the servers fill up you create a new one. What I am doing is having multiple alts on every server that gets created so protected servers will never close.

This is only a temporary fix until dev relations will respond (1-2 months) Do not submit to these evil blackmailers. I suggest raising your player count as much as you can so you do not have to create servers as often

If you don’t wanna kick players from the server. You can teleport them to another place under the experience that is the exact same game. (Hidden from the ddosers) Pay attention to the servers so you know when to open a new one.


Hi, thanks for making this topic.

Are the protected servers open to everyone, and how many games are allowed?

Thanks for reading.

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Hello, every game has access to DDoS protected servers. You just have to live near one or use a VPN near that protected area. A good method is to make it so severs are not created until the server reaches full capacity. And then when you see that servers are full create a new one on a VPN near a protected IP.

The script just makes it so new servers with unprotected IPs are not created and will shut it down. Thats why you need to contact dev relations to make a ticket. Make sure to keep track of the servers just incase new servers need to be made.


Anyone here who has a functioning brain would understand they can use a VPN to get a UDMUX protected server. This is for people who are getting harrassed and blackmailed by bad actors. Ive already tested this and it works. Please stop spreading false information as you do not know what you are talking about.

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As stated, you need to create the protected servers. Only way to combat them until you contact dev rel for a whitelist.

Needing someone to get a server thats hopefully UDMUX-protected everytime someone wants to play is just silly. I doubt that server will even last for long. And I doubt an average player knows how to get an server like that everytime, and I doubt they’ll care enough to go thru all of that to get a server like that.

As I stated, YOU have to create the servers. I have been through the blackmailing issue where the ddosers will kick off every server that comes up unless it is protected. Ive had to stay up on multiple accounts in these servers just to have players being able to play. The method is YOU create the servers when a NEW server needs to be made until Dev Relations can respond to the email (1- 2 month response time).

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He will wait for an unprotected server to come up and wait for it to reach 30+ players and then ddos it. This method works as I tested it already

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Doing this will prevent any unprotected servers from coming up because no matter what that server will be ddosed.

Ive been through the dev forum 100’s of people cant start up their game because of blackmail and they end up submitting towards it.

If you want to discuss more about this DM me on discord: forbrad#2050

Nice ddos patch. No normal player will be able to actually play your game :sob:

If DDoS’ing is really that large a problem in your game, your best shot is contacting Kicking all players when they aren’t in a secured server is just idiotic and will cost you greatly if your serious about developing.


If you have read a word I said. This is not a PATCH this is a temporary solution until dev relations answer. This method does work just requires you to be the one to create the serves under a VPN. This worked for me and I am able to have running protected servers without my blackmailer able to ddos them. Please just for once read. I beg you people read 1 part of it and then go off on a tangent. If here is someone DDOSING all of your servers. YOU Will have 0 players. See that? 0 players. Instead of waiting for dev relations to answer you pay attention to the Server List and wait for all the server to be full and THEN create a server your SELF. ANY server that gets started WILL be ddosed and pointless to have on in the First place. Please JUST read!

ANY server that is unprotected WILL be ddosed so there is no point in creating them until dev relations responds to your email (1-2 months)

Please read the WHOLE entire post before reply

I made an update to the post so you can better understand. This is not a thing for everyone. This is for people who can’t have players in their game because of ddosers demanding ransom

you guys should checkout mullvad, its a very good vpn!



As mentioned above, kicking out all players is disastrous. it is exactly what the blackmailer wants.

A simpler solution would be to not accept new players, i.e. if your Datastore is empty, kick them out by saying that temporarily not accepting new players.
Also, it occurs to me to temporarily charge an entry fee to new players (similar to bloxburg), although I don’t know how to do that because I’ve always made free games.


interesting idea but kicking everyone out of a unprotected server kinda feels like doing what the exploiter wanted to do in the first place, also what if someone can’t play on the protected server because their ping is too high?

to be honest i dont think this is much of an issue now, considering that ddos protected servers are so common, and attacker needs to work hard to create non protected servers. 3 servers down and a protected server spins up. It will only be a matter of time before all of this is bypassed anyways and there is a good chance someone has bypassed this already

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