[LIVE!] Place Version History in Studio

Hey everyone,

Place Version History is now available for everyone! Before you jump in, we have created a new workflow that’s important to understand, so check out the steps below!

  1. Open up Place Version History
    1a. At the time of this writing, use Game Explorer, Asset Manager, or Game Settings to open up Place Version History.

(Game Explorer)

(Asset Manager)

(Game Settings)


  1. This will open up the Version History panel

  2. Select the version you want to view. This will download the place version locally and open it up.

  3. From here, either copy over the contents you wish to retrieve or publish over the place entirely.
    4a. Caveat: If your game has Team Create enabled, please make sure all users leave the session before saving/publishing!
    4b. You have complete agency over what place your overwrite or if you want to create a new place or game with this content.

Report any issues you see in the thread! We are currently working on documentation and will update this post once that is released.

Before signing off, I’d like to give a huge shout out to @RainingSwordFire, @PoshKiwi, @tamtamchu and @chilliflakes19


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Nice addition! When will we be able to save a version with a custom title, like instead of it being “Version 4”, it could be more specific to our accomplishments like “Weapon system implemented” or “Vehicles now have turn signals”. Thus later on if you want to see an old version you can more easily tell what is what.


Wow, this will be very useful! Finally a way to see a place’s version history while actually in the studio.

I’ts always been annoying for me to always have the switch between browser and studio just to see what I’ve made in the past. I’m glad this will be implemented soon!

It would also be really nice to title each version you publish.
And is there a maximum save limit?

Another thing: why must all team members leave in TeamCreate before saving/publishing? It would be nice to know what would happen if we did save a game before all members left. Would the game corrupt? Not save?

Anyways what a great update! Hopefully it will be fully implemented in the future. (・ω・)b
And happy birthday, nsgriff! :cake:



Thank you so much! Now I can bite the dust and remember that baseplate for centuries.


First of all, happy birthday, @nsgriff! :cake:

It’s awesome that this is finally out. I have one “prototype” place where I test out stuff and set up objects for my tutorials on the DevForum. For some reason, I delete some things from it. With this, I can finally revert back changes, copy the deleted object, and paste it back in the latest version. Honestly, this kind of gives me Google Docs vibes.

Woah, I can’t believe it has info from all the away to August. I didn’t even know my place was that old!

I just tested it out with adding two parts, and it works perfectly! I’m just glad we don’t have to restart studio or something.

One question though, how many versions are saved max? There has to be some sort of limit.

I’m so happy that I can finally do this, thank you to everyone who worked on this! Y’all awesome!

Keep it up, Roblox! :roblox_light: :roblox:


Cool! More added convenience when trying to revert a game!

Also, would there be some sort of image somewhere on the place revision item (like a snapshot of the place) in the future?


I think this is a very good update and makes it easier to find earlier versions of your game without having to go to startplace and version history. Loading it in the game is even better so I can preview what I was looking for and revert the game back, or keep it quickly.

One thing I’d like to maybe see if some sort of custom name tag for each version. Sometimes I have so many different versions, I don’t remember what version is which, and I have to end up guessing if I’m trying to revert to a specific version. Sometimes this takes me a long time If the game has hundreds and hundreds of versions.

Overall, great change, I will probably end up using this significantly.


A lot of the developer / create pages which haven’t been updated on the site yet (ex. Configure place, create asset, Develop page) have been implemented within Roblox Studio in an updated manner. Does this mean that you plan to move developer related pages exclusively into studio? Or will these pages on the website eventually get overhauled too?


More and more of Roblox development has been moved to studio. While eventually all pages (including development ones) will be redesigned with modern technologies and mobile support; studio and web are two different teams, so they have different priorities and different resources.


This is super awesome! Managing place versions has always been somewhat scary due to the inability to preview versions before reverting, so being able to do that now is a great change. Looking forward to more improvements in this area, keep it up! :+1:


Oh my god. My life just got like 25x easier. Now I don’t have to use a browser to change the place version history! Today must be my lucky day.

And happy birthday @nsgriff! :tada::confetti_ball:


Ah, I see. I just hope we see some feature parity in the future when they’re all updated. For example, the marketplace is the marketplace in Studio, but on web, it’s the library. (I get these pages haven’t been overhauled to the new responsive UI yet). I just hope that when they do, there’s not two different ways to create assets (e.g. the “Studio” way and the “Website” way)


Hey that’s pretty cool. I can’t say I used the revert utility on the website very much, so I probably won’t use this much here either, but it is still good to know that this now exists.

Also happy birthday nsgriff!


I tried to go to the earliest version of my game (created 2015) and I spent 5 minutes of holding down the scroll button as it every so often loaded m more and more versions (considering back then I would publish each time I came to a stopping point when working)

I think it would be better to either have a page system, where you can type in the page number you want, or maybe where you can specify the date or even just year of the previous version you are looking for.

If I had to only scroll through the 2015 versions, that would have been a lot faster.


This is really cool! I hope more updates that let you have more control over games in studio are released soon
And happy birthday @nsgriff :birthday:


Edit: I went through all 200+ pages on the Web Site, and even on the web site, I have some 2017 dates mixed in with the 2015 ones. So probably more an issue with this Game rather than with this beta In Studio version viewer.

Maybe I don’t understand how its supposed to work, but it is supposed to have some 2017 dates squeezed in with my 2015 dates?


Finally, this update will improve a lot for developers looking to view the Place Version History inside the studio, and to download instead of click-through page by page in the Configure Page of version history.

Side note: Happy birthday @nsgriff! :cake:


Ok, So I loaded the oldest version I have in the Studio Beta loader, and this is what I get…

(You see at far right, it shows a 2017 date in my version number)

Then I went to the web site, scrolled back 200+ pages to the earliest version, and reverted to that, this is what I get…

I get the original baseplate that I started with.

So somehow its not reading the correct version.

*Also you will notice the oldest dates are not the same in the Studio and Web site versions

** A Little more experimenting, I selected the first 2015 version that is after the weird 2017 insertions…

And also reverted back to the same version on the web site…

(Which by the way, the dates do match)
and I get correct results…

So … maybe… something wrong with just this game place? Not sure, its very strange.