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As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to find specific versions of a place in Studio’s version history. When a place has many published changes, it becomes time-consuming to locate a particular version from a specific year.

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If Roblox could implement a search function for version and year or display the history in Asset Manager, it would significantly improve my development experience. Another useful feature could be a page viewer that allows users to quickly navigate to a specific page in the version history.

For example, one of my places has over 700 published changes, and I need to find a version from 2021. However, scrolling through all the changes to find the right year is tedious and wastes a lot of time. A search function or Asset Manager display would make it much easier to locate the desired version quickly.

Overall, this feature would improve the workflow and efficiency of developers who frequently use version history in Studio. Thank you for considering this request.


HUGE support. If there were to be a search for place history with filters, it would save me so much time.

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Seconding this. This is so annoying to do, even with very fast scrolling.


I agree. If there was a situation where my game got severely hacked and the hacker published 100 versions of the game, I would have to scroll through ALL the versions of the game and try and find the version prior to the hacking.

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Bump. please, roblox.

i need to find a specific version on specific date. the place has as leat 7k versions.

yeah i agree! im supporting this too

Not sure if it’s 24 days or longer before a post is closed, so I am bumping it again.

Roblox, please. i bump it to pls bro pls pls pls

I need this. I just spent about 15 minutes scrolling through version histories to go to a place version ages ago just to get rate limited…