Loading limited areas in-game good way to reduce lag?


I’ve recently been looking at my game chat from my theme park game, and noticed a lot of people (especially on mobile and tablet) complaining about lag.

One way I’ve been thinking of to attempt to reduce this is to limit the rendering of specific areas in game, such as stores and buildings.

I was thinking of storing these regions in the server storage and loading them in through the client when it’s needed for each specific player.

Now my question was if this is a good way to limit the lag, and if not, if you can suggest a better way.

I’ll also post a game link, if you spot something to limit or fix lag feedback is really appreciated!

Thanks a lot for your time! Regards


Yes and no, on one hand it would be yeah. That’s why you notice the big difference between lag on graphics setting 8 and graphics setting 7. However, it ruins the game essentially. I only ever tried this once and I got straight negative feedback on it. I removed it the same day. If you want to reduce lag, I’d suggest these main points to you.

  • Use unions, they take longer to load in but less parts to load.
  • Use mesh, longer to load in, less parts to load.
  • Delete any uneeded scripts, e.g a weld script inside an anchored model.
  • Massless anything anchored and turn shadows off on any large scenery such as mountains.
  • Collision disable as much as you can.
  • Try and make scripts effective and utilise local scripts.

Lastly, do not over-do it on the lighting. I know future lighting with shadows and environment is nice but it causes heaps of lag so try and stick to shadowmap or even compatibility if possible.

With the right lighting compatability can be quite a nice looking lighting setting.

Hope this helped.



Thanks a lot for your advice!
I’ve been working on unions and collisions for them. (disabling or setting them as box).

Does the fidelity of meshes have any impact on performance that you know? I’ve been setting it to performance later but haven’t noticed a very big difference in lag.

Thank you!

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Hm, not the best idea as loading them in would cause more lag. Perhaps try and make a seperate game, delete some details from it and leave it as is. Mobile versions like this should only really be released when you think the game has enough for it to have a unsupported mobile version with enough content.

Performance basically means, well what I think is that depending on your location, Roblox will decide what meshes should have all their triangles unpacked and what should not. Essentially LOD. That’s how I think it works, but I can’t tell as I have a really good computer sooo I can’t tell the difference. : P

Render fidelity only works if you use a lot of mesh, if you mainly use csg then don’t worry about that.

Search before making a post.
Anyway I already replied to some posts like this: topic 1, topic 2
I found some topics that can help you too: general tips, how to convert unions to meshes

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I saw those posts.
But my question was if the unloading of specific parts would increase performance. This wasn’t the case in any of these so figured I could ask this question.