Locally-generated, displaced, and randomly tiled textures/decals

These three features work very well in tandem, and would be perfect for texturing environments.

  1. Locally-generated textures have the benefit that they don’t load from a server, and therefore it does not strain the network for a game to have numerous 2048x2048 images.
    Additionally, generated textures are able to be infinitely diverse; I once made a Unity game which I still play from time to time because the environments never get repetitive.

  2. Displaced decals and textures make it much more simple (i.e. no use of UIs) to do two things:
    -Have decals be a feature on a face instead of the entire face (Assuming the decals can also have a set size)
    -Have textures scroll

  3. Random tiling textures are explained here.
    The first issue they would solve is the extremely obvious repetition of textures across any large face.
    The second issue they would solve is that they would allow generated textures to generate in sets and tesselate with every other texture in the set, which means that you can spend far less CPU time generating the texture by having it generate as numerous small tiles which overall have a lower resolution than the colossal texture you would otherwise generate (and the small tiles can be used for any face).

As these three things would place an emphasis on environmental uses of textures (which usually means using textures on all faces), a fourth addition that would streamline use of the new features would be an “All” option for which face to apply a texture to. This would cut down textures from 6 instances to 1.

I’m a big fan of computer-generated content, but being unable to texture an environment on the fly sucks even more than being unable to generate meshes on the fly.