Lock development discussion

As a Roblox developer, the forum is degraded by the quality of posts in development discussion. It also seems to have no use in my opinion to discuss about in my opinion isnt even about development anymore but rather opinions on game development. To further that at the time I make this post the development discussion is currently being “raided”. Despite its name I don’t see development discussion being appropriate on this forum as it only harbors opinions, rants, and the biggest one; spam.


i agree with you development discussion always has spam and one is happening right now

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It should not be locked, but the spammer must be suspended. He looks like a normal user, probably compromised.


OP is not talking about an individual, but the category in general, every 2 topics are everyone talking about how lgbt should be banned from roblox which is not okay


At first it seems like a dumb move, why lock a development-discussion board on a development forum? However the reality is that category isnt about development-discussion; or rather isnt enforced to be that and if the admins are not going to moderate it then it simply doesnt belong on the forum


Please report every malicious post and Staff will take care of it.

We do that, however it has proven to not work at large scale, to keep it simple correct flags often get rejected.


Development Discussion is there for the sole reason for discussion. Removing it would just block interaction, especially when threads are made by staff for events or features.

I agree that some people post off-topic things or don’t research before posting, but that is what moderation is for, they rely on the community to report so they can take action.

Not sure if discourse has a feature like this, but maybe we could have a cooldown to post in that category so it stop spam


Staff don’t post updates in #development-discussion , they post them in #updates:announcements and get the feedback there, not through #development-discussion since they collect feedback from the announcement itself and #feature-requests / #bug-reports

The only exception was the announcement on UGC applications opening, where it did have its own topic for discussion in #development-discussion , but i dont think replies have to be locked as well, that can be kept open.


I really do not like people spamming the dev forum, I mean sure, it’s an joke day but It really is not that cool.

This is very insensitive of you. Just like the person who got announcement replies locked, you couldn’t care less for people who joined devforum just before the ability to progress to member was removed.

Yes I agree that people are talking about sensitive topics. The thing that makes it confusing is that they are both right in the same time. Thats all I can say :grin:

To put it simply, development discussion is a complete mess right now.

To be honest, I enjoy development discussion when there are legitimate discussions happening there that I can contribute to and sometimes enjoy reading replies from other contributors on topics that actually follow the rules and are about something that is actually worth discussing.

However, this category has gotten to the point where it is just a place for members to dump random topics that don’t fit into any other category. The real question to the people who do this should be, “if this post does not fit into any category, is it fitting for the DevForum at all?”. People make topics on completely pointless things that they call “discussions”, when in reality their post is most likely a rant, a duplicate of a post that already exists, off topic or spam.

Another problem in that category is flagging, which has been discussed in various other posts. It seems the rules/guidelines of that category are not clear enough which results in many peoples’ posts getting flagged by the community for no reason. It’s also been seen that staff occasionally either close/unlist legitimate topics or do not take action on topics that were legitimately flagged. In my opinion, the rules of that topic should be a lot clearer, or people should actually know what to flag topics for, as I’ve seen some very well known developers get their posts in that category falsely flagged by the community on countless occasions.


Here are my ideas.

  • Make it so whenever posts in #development-discussion , they need to get their post approved to make sure that it fits under guidelines.

  • Have a limit on how many times you can post in that category, like 8 hours, just making this up.

  • Make it that Regulars+ again.

These are just some suggestions I thought in mind.

Another thing is I flag posts like “wHy Is BrOoKhAvEn PoPuLaR??”, but the staff deny it. The staff doesn’t seem to care, and refuse to take these posts down. I feel like development discussions should be renamed to just “discussion” or “free for all”m because that is what it currently is.

Not a good day for development discussion


All agreed except for this, there have been posts about this before and they are all filled with disagreement. This has already been widely debated and has been decided that it will not be locked from members.

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How is allowing high-quality and engaging posts to prosper insensitive?
You can’t call something “insensitive” if it goes against a̶r̶t̶i̶c̶l̶e̶ ̶1̶3̶ the TOS for spamming.

Exactly, I can’t slap on “what do you think about this?” and call it a discussion.


They stopped that for a reason. Too hard on DET. Even more now that the devforum has so much more active members since regular was removed.


I don’t find it useful to put more restrictions on members as there already is, considering there is no other way to achieve a higher trust level.

But personally, if DD were to be locked, I wouldn’t mind since I never post topics in that category anyway due to the vagueness of its guidelines.

That’s a very poor excuse for excluding a whole section of the developing community

Apparently I’ve heard that there are only 4 built in ranks on the devforum, and with top contributor, ect gone . there is some space I think to potentially add a rank between regular and member, something like an advanced member where you can post in discussion after some sort of rank up process.
Roblox probably is working on some new regular system though.

I’m a member too, it excludes me too.
I don’t really care if they do this, the amount of spam in the forum as it is detracts from it completely as a resource.