Long client hang on game join - Happens on both Windows & OSX Client

Fairly recently (starting in the last month), the game client would hang for 3-5 seconds on joining game when joining robeats.


  1. Join Robeats ([🍂Autumn] RoBeats! 🎧 Music + Rhythm + RPG - Roblox)
  2. Observe long hang (which hangs the client) before game loads.

Originally thought it was this:

But was asked to create another topic for this.
If (whoever relevant) can give some pointers in what direction is causing the hang, can be fixed ingame. Thanks!

Included a microprofiler screenshot of the hang.

Included more details here:


This is also happening to my game, Club Iris. Lately a large portion of our playerbase has been reporting extended loading times and sometimes even crash on the loading screen.

We’ve went ahead and disabled a few scripts which have appeared to helped a bit with loading times, however I’m pretty sure we still experience this 5 second hang where you just see the skybox.

From a survey I conducted, around 70% of respondents were experiencing this on PC. Furthermore, an overwhelming 95% of respondents noted that this only happens to them when they join Club Iris. (However this analytic point could be unreliable due to me disabling a few scripts to improve loading times).

This issue also appears to happen on both high-end and low-end devices but appears to be much more of an issue on lower end devices.

NOTE: Could be a related problem, but users are also reporting total crashes or extremely long waiting times when attempting to load in, looks similar to another bug report posted here

Hopefully this information assists anyone working on this problem!


Got a microprofiler snapshot. This is easiest with a private server, because you can bring up the microprofiler while in “Waiting For Server…”.

The hang is caused by a combination of a 2.1 second “Write Marshalled” that occurs on client join.
(LocalMain, in the next frame, is the first lua code that runs on the client).

Any thoughts?


This looks like an internal CoreScript.

Sadly, this can only be fixed by an engineer. We can’t do pretty much about it.

…PD: my game also freezes for 5~10 seconds when joining up; I did a copy and it didn’t freeze, hmm.

Thank you for the reports! We’re looking into this.


Here’s an update I posted on the other thread about this issue

Alright I have a bit of an update, it looks like this is being caused by an auto localization feature which scrapes and tries to localize user facing strings. I think there are very large strings somewhere in your place that the scraper is finding and trying to localize when clients join. We will keep looking into this tomorrow to find a good solution, possibly just limiting the size of strings that we try and localize.


This issue should now be resolved! If this issue is still occurring, please create a new topic for us to look into.