Looking for builders/programmer for an Incubator team

Hi all,

I’m looking for a team to apply with to the Spring (late Jan - early Jun) Incubator program. As stated on the linked thread, the goal of the Incubator program is to develop a game that identifies limitations of developing on the Roblox platform. There are two projects I am going to propose, a primary and a backup:

Primary: 3D, third-person dwarf adventure RPG where players explore the underground, scour for resources, and fight to take back ancient dwarvern cities from goblins/etc

Backup: 3D, third-person Battlefront-like game with capital ship and space fighter combat, with foot soldiers being able to board capital ships and fight from the inside

Once our team is finalized, we will collaboratively iron out the details of the projects so that you can tweak them to better suit you.

What I need from you:

I am looking for a primary builder, secondary builder, and secondary programmer (with me being primary). It’s fine to switch over if you’ve already applied to either the Incubator/Accelerator program solo and think this project is more interesting.The program is not targeted at beginners, so you should be experienced enough to implement features or build adequately without needing to be walked through the process. There are also a number of requirements the program itself sets forth:

  • You must be 18 or older by the time the program starts in ~January
  • You will be required to be physically present at Roblox HQ for the program
    • This is a paid internship, so we will make enough for food / housing
      • Normally participants in the program room with each other
    • You will have to pay to get to California on your own though
    • You will be here for five months
  • You must be live in the US OR be pursuing further education in any US or non-US college/university

What you can expect from me:

Members of the team will have a reliable programming resource. I’ve built DataStore interfaces for top games such as Zombie Rush, I’ve tackled the most difficult features of projects I’ve worked on (e.g. spacial regioning system, chunk system for NPC simulation, serialization of smooth terrain to DataStores, etc), and have published various models/plugins to the public domain such as Jump Tweaker, R15 Ragdolls, Log Tracker, Camera Waypoint Jumper, etc. I have experience outside of Roblox development as well such as the bot that processes devforum group join requests.

As a member of this team, you will be able to rely on a strong programmer with over nine years development experience on Roblox and one years worth of professional work experience. You will be free of any problems you’ve experienced in past projects with being unable to reach your aspirations because of programming shortcomings. Since this is an Incubator project, it will not be abandoned half-way through. We will be committed to working on this project for five whole months fulltime instead of part-time after school/work like most Roblox projects, so the potential is immense.

How to apply to the team:

You can contact me on Discord at Drew (Echo)#2930 or PM me on the developer forums. I will ask you about past projects and creations you’ve worked on, so please have appropriate links/etc on hand. Please keep in mind that this project will be fulltime at Roblox HQ (40 hours a week), so this isn’t a fun vacation – like with all ventures, the entire team will be working hard to create an amazing game. Once the team is finalized, the whole team will need to jointly apply to the program.


You’re aware that incubator they give you a game idea and you have to work on what they give you, right? Accelerator you have to come up with your game idea, pitch it and then work on it.

I checked with DevRel and we’re allowed to propose projects for Incubator, but if it doesn’t suit the needs of the program then we’ll be assigned one


I’m well aware, but if someone who didn’t understand the difference read this thread they might be getting in on something unexpected.

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That and odds of getting your game chosen are really unlikely due to how they pick their incubator games.

lol…I am open to both and people are free to pitch.





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