Looking Forward in 2020: This Year's Developer Roadmap

Can’t say I didn’t see this coming. They didn’t deliver on time as usual, they should honestly just predict how long it will take to release the feature and then add another month to it. At the very least just keep us updated on the status of each feature so we know whats going on


I posted a few months back about how amazing this roadmap was but ever since that amazing feeling has started to decrease and it seems to have happened to everyone like that. I think Roblox should respect what everyone is saying here and man up and tell us what’s going on because us developers are what keeps Roblox here, I think there should be much more communication between Roblox and us developers through this forum. None of us have any idea what’s going on with new updates. If you ask me I would say they screwed up big time with releasing updates.

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well, Roblox seems to be ignoring our complaints. not even a sign that they are indeed taking our oppinions into account…?


They’re just coming into work after a long weekend because of July the 4th. I think it’s going to take a bit for them to see and discuss replies to a thread made in April, and then respond to them. I feel strongly that the roadmap should be updated more frequently as well, but I believe it’s also important to consider the factors on their side in regards to replies on this thread.


That is true ,however I have seen posts asking for updates dated over 20 days ago! I’m not from America and I don’t know much about the 4th of July but 20 days doesn’t seem like a long weekend to me.


It happened already.

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Oh of course that is understandable. The problem is that through the entire quarter of April-June we hardly got any announcements or updates on anything at all. They really just kept us anxiously sitting there all the way to the last day of June, while many of us just unrealistically magically hoped they’d release all or most or even some of the features sometime that day in bulk, but it never happened. My overall concern is that they left us waiting with absolutely no clue for all of that time. Every day we’d get closer and closer to June 30th, and as the days went by, nothing. The problem is they had all that time to give us some sort of announcement, anything at all to let us know there is something wrong or it’s almost finished, or something. But leaving us here guessing is just very unprofessional of the company.


Oh yes. I would love to see something like that, especially on billboard guis because custom particle systems that use billboard guis could at least have this feature too, since I make heavy use of them.

All I can say is… I can’t wait! So far, 2020’s features have been amazing. For example, take a look at what I have built in a game me and a friend are working on;

Can’t wait for more features to make ROBLOX better and even more beautiful than it already is!
Features like seen above (Future lighting and better graphics) make a game so much more beautiful, and allows people to be more immersed in our games. Thanks, ROBLOX! :heart:


Wow, this is super great! Hope all these updates happen :slight_smile: .

But I am even more excited for these updates:

  • FiB 3

  • Enhanced Terrain Vegetation

  • Facial Animation v1


The lighting itself did a HUGE change to my Game’s lighting, mostly at nights tho! You see the nights are obviously darker which gives the future lighting a bit more new look and realistic look!

Truly satisfying to see Roblox releasing these amazing features and for us developers to test!
This wasn’t easy tho, unlike any other feature this one was a real pain at first!
5 Hours spent to change all lightings. You might ask why. Well, you see the lighting changed every point, surface and spot light objects in the game making some brighter and making some darker. I’m still playing around with this but It’s 80% compatible in “The Voyage” a project of mine!

Here are some images! :slight_smile:
Water cave:

Parts of the main Island:

It also had a small change in the Atmosphere object! How so? Well, you see I managed to make the game look dark with good lighting meaning-making the Decay darker had some great impact on it!

Again thanks for everyone involved in this can’t wait for this year’s RDC!


Roadmap has now been updated!

Thanks everyone for your patience.


I looked over it slightly but are we going to be getting a FPS Uncapped? So we can run at more than 60fps?

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Thanks very much, just what we have been waiting for. :+1:

Just want to make sure that you know that I posted that reply to this topic around 2 to 3 months before the phase 3 of Future Is Bright became available.

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I am glad it is updated now, but it seems all that was done is everything got moved to the 3rd or 4th quarter, how do we know these features will still come out when they are supposed too? Q1’s features were not that ambitious, Q2’s features were more ambitious than the features of Q1, and Q3’s features are even more ambitious, and Q4’s features are even more ambitious then Q3. Q2 is over and almost half of the features have been moved to Q3, and some of the features in Q2 are still in beta.

If Roblox had such a difficult time succeeding in getting the features from Q2 out, how is Roblox possibly going to get most of the features from Q3 and Q4 done? Assuming they can not, is there any priority list?

For example, here are some features that I question if we really need compared to the others:

If you are already including mesh deformation for avatars and bone instances, for now, isn’t 3D clothing something that developers can add themselves. Layered clothing is a very cool feature, but is it really worth it right now?

Useful, but I don’t see why its needed right now compared to other more important features.

I really, really want this… But, as some of the features on here can help us more quickly get our games to look more advanced and high quality, do procedural clouds need to focus right now? Would it not be much better for this feature to be moved to next year and perhaps implemented with a fully procedural sky?

Honestly, I never understand why this was on the roadmap to begin with. There are surely tons of more important features we need right now compared to facial animation, and with mesh deformation and bone instances, can’t developers do this themselves?

I am just generally curious why we need some of these compared to the other more important features on the roadmap.


These are all done by different teams; Roblox has a very tall internal structure. This means that every teams time is as well spent as possible.


If they have a lot of teams working on the update, then it’s even worse.
If a team with 3-10 people was sitting and doing those I understand the delays and stuff.
But if there are a few of those it disappoints me even more just by thinking that 10+ people can’t finish a medium list of updates in 3 months.

This is going to be absolutely. Amazing.


I am SOOOOO happy that you guys are working on Meshpart Heads and accessories! I just had this problem the other day. The fact that I no longer will have to create my own custom character makes me want to laugh with joy!