Introducing the Learn & Explore sort

Hey developers,

We’re adding a new sort called “Learn & Explore” to the Games page emphasizing the games on our platform that enable players to learn in an engaging way. We’re ultimately looking to help educators and parents who are looking to leverage Roblox as a tool for classrooms to jump in and learn through the games our platform offers. With many schools across the world closed and classes continuing virtually, we want to encourage learning in a fun and easy way.

This sort is going to be placed above the Featured sort in order to optimize the discovery of these games.

Are you interested in having your game appear in this sort? Submit it through this survey:

If your game is accepted into the sort, you should expect to hear back from us within 3 weeks from the time you submitted the game.

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Since schools were closed, I needed a way to learn at house in a fun and easy way, this feature will help me alot, since I feel that I have became worse at school. I’m also doing a basic math game, where you can do math operations, not a very professional game, but you can practice your mental calculation! I will link the game here: “The game is still not published”

I can see my dad asking: “What are you doing, son?” And me responding “Playing a math game”. Thanks alot alot alot! :smiley:


Roblox: Educational Edition
Kinda interested in what this entails!


This is a great update, especially at this time! hope we discover many unknown games of this genre


With the current event of schools all around the US being closed, I think this is a great thing that you guys are deciding to do. I remember when years ago it surprised me that Roblox was starting to be introduced to the classroom, and I’m glad that you guys are continuing with that goal. This platform is honestly an amazing tool for learning, and it was one of the biggest motivators for me to get into Game Development and Computer Science. I’m thinking I might set up some kind of learning game as well for this sort, to help even more people learn. I’m hoping this will continue to encourage even more people to get into this field!


It will be great, when for games in this category will be something as premium payouts, but for all users, so developers can fully focus on this sort of games, because education first.


As long as botted games doesn’t make its way to this category, I think this is a welcoming change.

I’m all for it.


This is a great way to support games like Lua Learning by boatbomber, which give free education to those who want it. These types of games rely on donations and exposure, so this is really great way to educate younger developers and encourage the education of younger developers.


This is awesome. If schools can’t educate the kids in their normal ways and parents may not be the best teachers, we can all do our younger fellows a favor and power their education with Roblox. A well thought update that I’ll surely push my younger brother to check out.


This is how the game page will look like!


It’s great that you’re going with a survey. Just a quick question – what is considered educational? Are there any criteria to meet for a game to be considered for the learning sort?


Really happy to see this introduced, as it will definitely help Lua Learning grow! As a community based resource, growing benefits all the users, both new and old.

Plus, it’ll probably get a few more donations to help fund this project!

Lua Learning reached its highest concurrent ever, 117! Prior to this new sort it had never even broken 80 concurrent. Very happy to see this.


I like this idea and I think it will encourage other developers to create education-based games rather than entertainment-focused ones while still keeping that fun aspect. I might try this out myself. Good job Roblox!


The new sort is going to be an amazing idea to learn everyone around the Game pages, to understand how education works and how they can learn on Roblox! I’m so excited to see the update, and I hope these will be useful and fun for everyone.

Thank you so much for the update! I’m really interested to see more updates coming on Roblox. :happy3: :roblox_light:


This is actually incredibly useful. I like this direction.


I don’t see this going anywhere, most game developers are in their 20s and younger. Not sure what they can offer education-wise, and I don’t think there’s an audience that comes to Roblox looking to learn anyway. What we really need is a sort that adapts to the genres that you play most and shows games accordingly. The games page is already cluttered with junk I don’t enjoy and this will just add to that.


This is a nice and helpful update. It will help a lot of people, plus lots of people will find use out of it.


I sure will suggest your Lua Learning game, as this site really was helpful and it helped me to understand some things. I am happy that Roblox has add this feature, as it really will help unpopular educative game to reach the sunlight! The only good place i know is Lua Learning, so i am curious to see the others types of games for learning Lua. I now know the most things on Lua, but new scripters not, so i really want to see the others… Thanks Roblox!