LuaBlocks | A Visual Programming Plugin | BIG NEWS!


Lua Made Easy!

Word on the street is… Were back… Yes sir we are…

Lots and lots of polish to do, but here’s a sneak peak.

Huge thanks to RedBean and Blockly for making this possible. LuaBlocks is now being built on top of some of the leading technology in the field. Like I said, lots and lots of polish to come!

In the mean time please check out EventBlocks! I expect a early release of LuaBlocks by the end of January!


If you would like to use a plugin now while LuaBlocks in in development, I would like to point you to EventBlocks. Its a wonderful plugin that allows you to do visual programming using a method similar to Scratch.


This looks amazing! As someone who is making a game solo, and is mostly focused on building, this should really help me out! :grin:


This is great! I can’t wait to try it out!
As a single developer this will make the job easier!


Is this person actually makes this and it works perfectly fine, I will be the happiest Robloxian alive. Also, will the plugin have a convert to text button so we can see what it looks like without the blocks?


Ooh! This would be a great plugin for all developers!

I messed around with the idea before but I had some other things to focus on. One thing i will tell you though is that when you create the script file you should have like a compile button where it will put all of the logic and loops and stuff like that into the script’s source so it runs like how a script would run! (The developers could also see how the script was coded when they open the script and this could also be used in modulescripts and local scripts)

Anyway keep up the good work! :smiley:


I do plan on having a toggle able visualizer so you can see how to code will appear in text format. Also after to click build it creates a normal script so you can also open the script and see the code in there.

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Its not much different to be completely honest. LuaBlox will just have more functionality, for example; One of the premade blocks could be pathfinding. All you do is give it a vector3 block and it will pathfind to that location. LuaBlox will not only integrate with core Lua but also Roblox API.


It is good for new developers, however, most of the good ones can do this faster than the plugin.

I think you forgot the function category… other than that it should help beginner scripters learn the basics of how coding works.

you should add a button to run it when your just in studio and not in run or play so you can test in studio and have it revert when its done.

Glad to see there’s more people working on tools like this! I saw woot3 talking about a visual scripting plugin a while back and have started developing my own version in the last month.


Maybe you’ll beat me to the punch then haha. There are many ways to do visual scripting though. I was thinking of doing something similar to Bolt for Unity or Visual Script for Godot where you connect nodes through wires, but I thought blocks would be more intuitive.

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Blocks are definitely the way to go I think. It’s always good to have options!


Wow! This is very cool! I can’t wait to get it!

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@Jam_Toad, You should really open source this and put it on Github so more people can contribute!

This is neat, I like it a lot, I probably wouldn’t use it as it’s not useful to me but very nice regardless.

use the share button and select embedded option


Am honestly really excited for this!


That is actually a great idea, ill totally make a repository after I get it a little further along!

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did the progress for this great plugin stop?


At the moment is has slowed but not stopped. I have just been busy working on other things and learning more as well! My life has gotten really busy lately and I havent been able to focus purely on this.

I strongly disagree. Scratch exists and is common for a reason, coding is difficult for younger people to understand and this makes it easier to understand whilst still figuring out how it works.