Made a Dance Studio a bit ago

Ello! :upside_down_face:

A bit ago I made a dance studio because someone commissioned for it and here it is! I forgot to post this before but now I’m taking responsibility into my own hands. This took some time and I am proud to show to you all!

I hope you enjoy looking at the build!



Main entrance


Dance Room


Constructive Criticism is Appreciated! :+1:


I don’t wish to offend you by any means but this quality is insanely outdated. It’s great if… we’re in 2008.
Anyone could build something that’s much better than this in Bloxburg


Hey don’t worry about it, I don’t take constructive criticism to a high emotional level.

But I don’t necessarily agree with your opinion; basically, can you tell me more information on how it could be outdated?

Hope you respond soon.

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For example, look at this guy, The Builds of murjarquitecto (Compilation 2021).

You’re style is purely basic compared to Cartoonish Low poly like Adopt me, Realistic Low poly like in Dawn of Aurora, neither it’s Pure realism nor pure cartoonish.


To be honest, why would I care about someone being better at building then me? I can already build realistic and low poly so I don’t really care.

Even though they may be more complicated with their builds, that doesn’t necessarily make me a purely basic builder, especially me having 2 years of experience in this hobby/career.

A good build doesn’t need to be complicated. A good build is something that had love and effort put into it.

It may sound like I’m offended but trust me, I’m not. :wink:

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You can’t build low poly nor realism. You never made one. Overestimating yourself means you’ll never improve. This build is rubbish, I’m sorry, it’s so bad that I’d think that it’s intentionally made to mock generic games.


As the guy above said, I have to be honest, your construction is very simple, I don’t find that touch that gives life to a construction, I know you can improve it

Dude, he didn’t show you that to make you angry, I just show it to you as an example, don’t be so exaggerated

Of course that is true, but this feature is not shown much here, I have seen other simple constructions, but with more effort than this to be honest


@BigBrothersBlox Is a lot more cooler than me, he said what I wanted to tell you but in a nicer way.


I suggest looking at my past posts on my profile:




(My Low-Poly Asset Kit I made)


Overestimating myself? I think you got it wrong. I wasn’t overestimating nor putting myself higher than anyone else. I make a point about it below.

Welp, you may see this as rubbish, but you know what they say; one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

I suppose I could see where you could get that from, but there is a point that I should make since I want to lay this to rest now.

I strive to make a balance between making good content, having actually affordable prices, while still making a profit. I know I am not the best, but I am not trying to be the best; this is a hobby for me, and while I will get better over time naturally, this isn’t my main focus.

As for mocking generic games, that is not my intention when I design and build stuff (though I suppose that what people get from certain things and what the creator intends for something to be can be 2 completely different things at times).

Also for @BigBrothersBlox

I know that he wasn’t trying to make me angry but it could be a possibility that you might’ve saw it that way. Typing can be hard to convey meaning at times. I will admit that I do suffer the consequences of high-functioning autism and as such communication with others can be a struggle for me at times.

i be typing entire essays here…


That’s a 2012 realism.
Currently, realism has been a lot more developed in case for example Art.B’s builds.

And your low poly is low quality compared to all the good low poly styled games


Why put the burger king logo? knowing that it goes with copyright lol, it sounds to me more like a free model that you would find in 5 seconds of the toolbox, I agree with: @Megalodox_Official , simply, realism of 2012
Sorry if this sounds harsh, but your maps, even if they are intended to be realistic, fall short, compared to maps from other builders like: @mer5000, @Builder_Boy @murjarquitecto , and the list could go on and on

Take this into account, I have great faith that you can get ahead as a builder, you just have to try harder, your builds are not garbage, but if they are simple and of low quality, do not be discouraged, success is achieved soon, since we all start from something


2021 Style


That’s what I meant by realistic, but really realistic :wink:


I agree, I’m sorry for being harsh. I hope we helped you a bit.


This looks cool! But in the future, maybe take reference of the dance rooms! Some that I’ve seen/been in usually seems spacious, well lit and most of the wall is mirrors! Also maybe add a mat?

Also the dance sign, the dark purple and magenta are like…TOO close in color, make a contrast type of color instead.

Also the ceiling lights could take more details!! ^^^

Maybe watch tutorials on building or look at photo references!!

Maybe add posters on the wall as well,

The office seems plain, and the wall texture and floor texture doesn’t fit well in my opinion

Try using different wall textures each room and floors too!

The office in most dance studios kind of looks like a principles office, maybe decorate it like a business office too!!

OR THE office could be near the door when you walk in.

Also the inside, maybe add wall trims on the top and bottom so it looks like a room!

Also maybe add a locker room with a bathroom included!

The bathroom doors could have door frames, maybe more details on the handles

Also the bathroom is VERY small, maybe take an example with public bathrooms like mall ones.

Maybe decorate the outside with bushes or a design

Also the inside wood floors, try making the texture a little smaller (in properties)


You don’t need to teach him anything. For a fact he’s a talented builder. It’s just he haven’t realized how good he can be yet. He have the potentials.

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That’s a contradictory statement.

The OP doesn’t need to be taught but he does at the same time? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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He doesn’t need any technical help, just motivations and the development path

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You need critism in order where to find where you need to work most at???

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Sure you can criticize Coeptus, you thought that talented people like this would need technical criticism?

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