Make DevForum acceptance manual

The videos are not comfortable for many people, some prefer to read, moreover, so that they should close? it, is an important foundation in the development of roblox.

I fully agree with you. I feel that people should have knowledge of some things before coming here. This doesn’t just apply to scripting either. I feel that builds are similar, and modeling too. Watch on a video or read before coming here.

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They could use the dev hub. The dev forum inst the only thing here.

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I don’t understand your position, mentioned before, the forum is for DEVELOPERS to get feedback and help with their problems, not all developers here talk, I don’t think it needs to be closed, it also serves to learn and teach others…

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Yes? I’m not saying other-wise, I’m saying there should be some stuff which is not really about help with their problems, the dev forum isn’t the place to learn programming it self, that’s more of the dev hub. Anything you wanna learn specificially it’s better to go to the dev hub.


In fact, I said to the main topic, but… yes, you have a point, although they both serve quite well.

While you were telling me it implied that you assumed that no one knew code. Just because you don’t think you’re assuming doesnt mean you arent. You dont have to literally say “im assuming” for it to be an assumption lol.


No? If you think this, then what? People need help and people come here to get help for anything, that is for how to start scripting and searching through the search-bars, these people like you as a developer need the help even if they’re not the strongest in their mind, seem elitist.

I’ve came here with not too much knowledge of scripting and building, and after looking at resources, #help-and-feedback:scripting-support topics and more, I’ve became somewhat better at anything like UI, scripting and building.

No. As I said above for Ty, people come here to ask questions about scripting or building things, a youtube video might not actually be the resource they wanted, asking to another user like you or me is better. Having these questions here are good to have as what if they had more question to an answer, would the OP answer it in youtube comments?

Some people in this community never had the knowledge of developing on Roblox, saying “Oh, you need some knowledge” when they’re new is down-right wrong, help them, and you help yourself.

People can come here even without knowledge, it’s like school, kids don’t have knowledge of things and after learning and asking questions, they have some knowledge of subjects, this whole discussion is elitist.


Shore, go after and help people who don’t understand even what a variable is, using text.

This isn’t a tutoring site though! This is your largest weak spot in your argument. This is for support for people who already know this stuff, even if they don’t know a lot.

Would you mind explaining the existence of the Community Tutorials category then, if this isn’t a tutoring site. Yes, maybe people shouldn’t research, but if they read enough to get accepted they clearly have an interest in joining forum and learning more on development.


…you can read those without being able to post, this proposal isn’t meant to stop people from being able to read things…

What if someone wants some clarification, what if someone wants some quick help about a tutorial, you just want to block that?

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They could always use a Discord or Twitter contact link, or open up their Roblox messages if they truly cared.

That is way too far, and what if they have those contacts disabled.


That’s what the forum is for. Why would we make the discussion which is supposed to be on the forum on an other platform?

By doing it on the forum you’re making your question public, and anyone who had a similar question would get it answered. Making it private only helps you.

if we really wanted to go that route, we wouldn’t need the forum at all since people could just use DM people if they wanted scripting help.

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then they would open them.

I’m sorry but it will take a lot to convince me that we need to let non-devs or devs that literally just opened studio in here.

Why do you keep saying everyone asking basic questions have troubles with variables. Go and help them then and point them to the correct direction.


I agree so much, imagine if users stopped caring about whether or not someone knew how to define a variable, the time wasted being elitist could have been spent on teaching them how to define a variable, so that they can get the “rights” that they “don’t” have to ask their questions.


Most people learn code from free models. They are just asking how it works, man.