Make DevForum acceptance manual

I don’t understand your point. Why does it upset you so much that there are developers here who have just opened the studio?.

There are a lot of people who are uncomfortable with the messages on these platforms, why can’t you make a topic that enthusiastic people will help you with?

There is a category of Tutorials where people can learn things they couldn’t possibly know anything about, not only to help other people, but also to teach them.

Leaving that aside, I don’t understand the strong stance on closing the forum, you and many more joined with automatic acceptance, how would you feel if you couldn’t join because it’s manual acceptance?


Shore, go ahead and help them, I’m just telling you, you need to KNOW A BIT to be A DEVELOPER to ENTER this FORUM.

If these people are uncomfortable with chatting on those platforms why would they chat on here?

This is the developer forum, not the learn to code forum or the coding tutorial forums. Yes, I understand that there is a tutorial section but that doesn’t teach the most basic principles of programming, it teaches how to do more advanced things and teach people new things that aren’t too common. There is the Roblox developer site for learning coding. People shouldn’t be clogging up this forum because they want to ask studios questions that would be answered in the Roblox developer site or a simple google search.

They are not chatting , they seek help from people who like to help others, or who know about the same topic, if you have noticed, one of the most active categories is #help-and-feedback

Emm… Well.

I don’t think you’ve seen that category properly.


That doesn’t make sense, the forum is to discuss about coding, asking questions, learn development on scripting and building. With that last part, you haven’t seen most of the things in #resources then or #resources:community-tutorials on people making nice tutorials, like what Dev_Cariltox said.

Most of these questions aren’t on the developer hub or on youtube, some people want clarification and post it in #help-and-feedback:game-design-support or some support channel, don’t say this unless you got proof.

I don’t know what you mean about a "Roblox developer site’, that could be if this is what you’re saying, people come here for honest and valuable questions.


Where did you get this from? The forum has long been repurposed from a closed forum for top developers to an open forum for users of all skill levels to join. Notice the “all”, if the forum was only for people that “knew a bit” then half the population of the forum would be Thanos snapped

Although right now the forum seems to be not as useful for power users but that’s beside the point lol


I can see basically people want other to know basic things. But is it enough? I have to admit I myself do not know programming, does it mean I don’t deserve to be in this forum?

The forum is for everyone, I don’t understand why some people want people to be almost a pro, the main thing about this forum is to help, be helped, teach and watch roblox announcements.


Sadly over the years the DevForum has ended up going in the opposite direction than it was originally supposed to.

The DevForum used to be an invite only collaboration forum where developers could get feedback on their work, find trusted collaboration easier and be a community where everyone could somewhat relate to each other.

I’m not really sure the ins and outs of what’s happened but all I know it I can see it now becoming more and more like what the public forums were - it used to be “you could only get in if staff deemed your work to be of the standard” of devforum, or if someone made a invite request thread that would be vouched by other developers within the community.

I really salute the staff moderating this forum because it must be exhausting - I do think something needs to be changed but at the this point the forum has so many people it’s going to be hard to come up with a solution that will benefit everyone.


I agree with this, as I had a lot of questions when I was just starting to work on my game. I was slowly figuring out Studio, but there were a lot of questions I still had. It took me weeks to get automatically accepted, even as I read things that were both useful to me and things that were irrelevant, trying to join. I’m glad I have member permissions now and I can ask some of my questions I couldn’t find answers to, but I didn’t find it easy to get on the forum

The developers forum use to be a small family of developers which was kind of cute. :blush:

Then it grow loads and loads when they made it public I honestly agree with roblox making the developer forums public and other developers should be able to join the developers forums without the hassle of waiting on verification.

However we all know that bots and spammers are over-taking the developer forums therefore if roblox addresses this i think they will add a capita system like they do on their website.

If Roblox does add a capita system this will work and stop spammers from spamming.

Also if roblox maybe updates some of their policies on spamming so like if the user spams in different categories and made more than 2 post delete the account for the developers forums.

This is the only way roblox can fix this and allow a large amount of developers joining the dev forum family.

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The forum doesn’t need a CAPTCHA neither does it have a botting problem? Just trolls, but the people trolling are human. Luckily we have DevEngagementTeam that cleans those messes up quickly, but they are a nuisance.

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Then if they are real human then maybe roblox should update the policy sir I think its the only way if roblox just delete the spammers account.

And roblox can hire more people for the DevEngagementTeam.

I am sure we could both agree to this.

I am sorry, I don’t understand, there are already rules against trolling though? And the moderators take action anyway.


I do agree Moderators do take action.

I am not going into detail but the first few weeks I believe the spammers posts just keep getting their posts deleted and then their account.

However I can be wrong on this I remember seeing the rules that Moderators can delete the account if the user has been warned so many times.

Although feel free to message me if I am wrong I don’t want to clogg up the posts.

Making DevForum acceptance manual is a BAD idea. Imagine the number of requests that will flood. The DevEngagement team cannot manage that many requests.

While everything is going forwards with automation, you propose we go backwards?

Why the heck should I know what local is in order to get accepted here? Believe it or not, I have no interest in programming nor will I get it. I have other interests. So why should I learn things I don’t want to?

The only reason people come here is to ASK questions.

I entered this forum as a non-developer. I learnt more when I joined and was able to ask questions.


Sure you might learn from it, but you didn’t need to get in to learn. It helps you, but it’s supposed to be A DEVELOPER’S forum. If you wanted to learn there’s, first of all. YOUTUBE, or the dev hub. It’s not that hard, the dev forum is not always the answer.


Clearly this is confusing a lot of people, I don’t mean it like that. How does this sound?

“They likely don’t know how to download a plugin…”

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