Make DevForum acceptance manual

So I had a discussion with @Ty_IsHomeSchooled yesterday, and I had just explained again why it isn’t a good idea:

Seeing that Roblox is a private corporation, they won’t be hiring more people to deal with manual acceptance, as the main principle of a company is to get more profits with less resources.


The feedback part is #help-and-feedback:cool-creations

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What do you mean by devs though?
I feel like you and I have a different understanding of dev.

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You can still get feedback aside, just that the primary focus of the other ones is help. Although im not here to argue semantics. Still though, the forum is a great place to get these.


You make good points but however, lots of people use this forum as a resource more than a showcase. While yes, many people still do like to show their work and receive feedback on it, lots of the community here is built around helping others learn. Many people (such as I) have learned heaps of knowledge from this place, and it may even be what got some people into developing games in the first place! It should be treated as a place to learn and grow your skills. Adding a manual acceptance, whether it be showing your work to get accepted in or applying in some sort of interview, will create a barrier between player and developer. Now you may make the argument of “Well the API documentation and YouTube exists”. While yes, the API documentation is something you can learn lots from, and yes, you can learn from watching YouTube or tutorials, but most of it is usually relegated to one topic or isn’t specific enough for what you want to achieve. In the DevForum, you can easily make a post asking about your problem or error and in a short time, there already is a response that most likely will solve your problem.

Now from here, I’ll be spitting out most of the topics and points other replies already stated out.

The workload on the Roblox staff for manually accepting each application will be sky-high. The sheer total amount of applications will be daunting and will most likely take longer to get accepted than just normally reading topics and getting accepted. The automatic acceptance is a good system since you have the chance to learn from others and become knowledgeable about developing before you get accepted in.

Oh, there are trolls or bots? No problem. Flag the post for deletion and move on with your life, you’re not going to die.

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While I have changed my mind about this topic, your argument is still a bit flawed so I had to point this out:

Don’t forget the DevForum is read-only when signed out or logged in as TL0.

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If we want to make devforum polite and a forum for developers, I believe it is the best option out there, only if Roblox cares about us, developers.

Great example can be some children that don’t give a damn to say anything here but they know they will get banned, soon or later.

Defending, literally attacked people by those trolls is also not the best option, because, to “avoid” rules I will be called out in private messages with serious accusations, such as being a kid, and something to get rid of Roblox because I am defending someone. Therefore, manual acception should be the best option, mainly because of trollers.


Not a good idea since there has always been a problem with showcasing scripts since everyone has a different way to write scripts (everyone formats code differently) and in order to test code would take quite a bit of time rather than just looking at an image of a build.

The currently marked solution on this topic seems like a joke, I hope you’re not actually thinking the reason for not doing manual acceptance is because of profits…?

The real reason, which multiple product managers and DevRel people have pointed out before, is that Roblox is all about accessibility for creators. A manual acceptance step with weeks/months wait times and arbitrary review processes is totally not in the spirit of Roblox as a platform and inhibits creator engagement.

Sample staff response exemplifying the above: (read rest of the post as well)

cc @blitzahon I recommend not spreading naive “big bad corporation is bad” stories going forward and basing yourself on factual information and staff responses.


Yeah that last line seemed little too much, but my point still stands, it takes a insane amount of time to even check the background of a user, let alone their development achievements or aim.

Im sorry? Is this a joke? Never mentioned such a thing.

Btw the solution just marks that it takes an insane amount of time, please re-read the whole solution rather than just reading one line at the end and assume it as a summary.

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This is your point ad verbatim from the solution:

You explicitly call out the main reason is that it would be too costly in terms of manpower, and that’s the point I’m addressing. It’s totally off.

Roblox has no issue hiring hundreds of manual moderators (see their moderation system, they have 2000+ manual moderators enlisted to moderate Time or money is not the issue here. The real reason is as I explained above, it’s a conscious product decision not to have manual acceptance on this forum.


Hey folks, thanks for all the responses here. Closing out this old feature request since we will not be implementing this feature request.

We want the forum to be accessible to all creators so that everyone can contribute to and benefit from the categories here, comment on updates, and give us feedback on our creator-facing products. This is entirely unrelated to budgeting.

We acknowledge that there is a need to find content that better aligns with your own interest (e.g. matching your level of skill or area of expertise, not just being fed content in order of last posted). This feedback is well-known internally and we’re thinking about how we could address this better in the future.

I encourage people to file posts on the specific issues you see on the forum along the feature request template: How to post a Feature Request (focusing on the core issues you are seeing, rather than specific proposed solutions like the one in this thread)


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