Make it clearer why AddAccessory() would produce unexpected results

So I had been trying to fix my giant player model because whenever I tried adding accessories to it with AddAccessory(), the accessory would be placed in a random position. It turned out the reason this was happening was because of some strange behavior of welds, which wasn’t apparently documented anywhere. I had to unanchor my model’s head for the welds to work right.

I easily spent like 4 hours trying to get my Accessories to weld to the model properly, which is horrible. All of this could have been avoided if Roblox made it obvious on the AddAccessory() page that adding accessories would work unexpectedly on anchored models.

That’s not the only time that I’ve run into strange issues with accessories and humanoids. There is also an extremely common bug (is it even a bug though?) where the Accesories also get offset by a random amount when the humanoid’s parent is changed.

I don’t know if these problems are all due to welds or what, but it should still be more clear on the state a humanoid should be in when adding accessories. I work with humanoids a lot, and honestly strange things like this slow me down drastically. Thanks.