Make legacy scripts referencing Character.Torso work with R15

Inexperienced scripters and people who don’t script at all have difficulty using free models post-R15, as a large portion of scripts and scripted models that were programmed before R15 make reference to Character.Torso and thus give errors if you try to use them without modifying them.

Would it be possible for the Humanoid class to be programmed to give a model a child that’s actually a pointer to another part, without changing the Model class?
What this would mean is that putting a Humanoid instance in an R15 character model will cause “Model.Torso” to redirect to “UpperTorso”.
With my knowledge of Lua classes it should be possible to set Humanoid up to do this without adding unnecessary complication to the Model class, but it really depends on how Roblox is programmed.


I was waiting for someone to put this here after I noticed it in the bulletin board. This would fix a lot of old broken scripts and even some admin commands that haven’t made the transition to referencing UpperTorso or HumanoidRootPart. Support.