Make punishment for posting off-topic/spam things harsher

Currently, as a DevForum member, there have been few days where I can go to #development-discussion and see no off-topic posts. I get some people are new to the forum and don’t understand how it works, but some users post very off-topic posts multiple times even though they have been on the DevForum long enough to know how it works.

I’ve edited out the following users profiles as I’m not calling them out

Just today I saw someone who knew they were breaking the DevForum rules YET still continued to create the topic. Here is the photo:

As you can see at the bottom of this photo you can see it says that they know it will be unlisted, but they still proceeded to post this(if you know who made this topic please do not mention them, the forum states that we aren’t suppose to call out users).
I’ve seen a post ranting about how the 30% tax should be removed:

I’ve also seen posts that had gotten unlisted before and the user decided to paste it and make it a topic again. All of these examples are from today.
Roblox only unlists and locks topics currently, but I think the punishment should be harsher. I think that if a user posts more then 3 off-topic posts(within a set time period) they should get a temporary 1 day ban from the forum. This might help reduce spam and off-topic threads made here on the forum.

If this were implemented, it would make my experience better with the forum as less spam and off-topic posts would be created.
Thanks for your time!


Finally, someone says something about this. On the Lock replies to only Regular+ post, I said it would be better is they made the punishment harsher. Like possible starting out with a warning, then a mute, and the mute/ban could just get longer the more off-topic posts someone makes.

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A user making an off-topic/spam topic should be feedback the first time for them, and on the second infringement, a strike. If members want to stay on this forum, they must be willing to read and understand the rules and guidelines for each category, and abide by them.

Making an off-topic reply as opposed to a topic which doesn’t belong in the posted category are two different things.


Yea, something close to this nature.

Maybe. I think there should be some sort of exception for newer users/first time rule-breakers, but a lot of these people have been on the forum long enough to figure out the rules.

Off-topic replies should just be deleted, but off-topic posts should have much harsher punishments for repeated offenders.

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They are deleted

I 100% agree with this post, it just seems time and time again that people are just using DD as a dump. On another topic where it suggested to lock DD, I suggested that instead of locking it for everyone, they should lock it for repeating offenders

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It’s kind of sad, I think development discussion could be a great place without all the spammed and off-topic posts there. If something like this was implemented there would be a lot less spam and off-topic posts :slight_smile:

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The rules already outline that receiving an unreasonable amount of feedback messages will result in a strike. Off topic posts are worth feedback, so a user doing this repeatedly will end up with a strike eventually. Check out the Broken Rules Matrix near the bottom for more information.

FYI telling someone else that their post is off topic in the replies is also off topic.


I understand, but like the post says I want a more harsh punishment. I don’t know if they strike someone at 3 posts for off-topic but I’ve seen a ridiculous amount of off-topic/spam posts in #development-discussion. Some harsher punishment would reduce the amount of spam/off-topic posting in all topics.
Edit: I’m pretty sure its more then 3 posts before you get striked.

The punishment for 3 warnings should be harsher, but a warning is a warning

Yea I agree. Really it should just make harsher for the people that have repeatedly posted spam/off-topic things in the forums, and not so much new members. New members don’t know the rules as much, but repeated offenders do.

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People post warnings about hackers or just bad activity in development discussion because its the most used category and its the highest one (if we dont count announcements), and most importantly because they have nowhere else to post this to spread awareness

Telling them that they should contact roblox support is like saying “yes there is something bad going on but i dont care and because i dont neither should anyone so shut up and deal with it”.
We all know roblox support doesnt even do anything, if they ever do its just a preset bot response

In the end, such posts actually help spread awareness, because how else you gonna spread awareness? Is roblox support going to do it? Even if roblox support ever does anything a theoretical scammer or hacker will scam/hack many more people before support does anything.

Will you read what’s the purpose of #development-discussion?

It’s not a place where you could post warnings or trash topics, it’s in the name #development-discussion, not a category for public discussion.
Saying “it’s the most used category”, sure it is most used however, the reason why it’s “the most used category” is because some Members keep posting trash topics that aren’t even supposed to be there. That category is also being abused which is why so many unexperienced users tend to ignore the rules and post whatever they want there, when they always failed to see it’s a #development-discussion category not a public discussion category.

First of all the Developer Forum is not a place to post these things, second of all, it’s off-category, thirdly, going to is the only solution to it, considering the fact that it’s the only accessible way to be able to contact Roblox staff, if it’s not Developer Forum-related issues.
Fourthly, posting that in order to get the attention of Roblox Staff is also a failure because they don’t review other categories just to file reports, this is why it’s suggested to use Roblox Support instead.

I’d suggest you also read this…

The Developer Forum is not a place to “spread awareness” if you don’t see what the forum is used for in the first place, it’s a Developer Forum not a public forum where you can post whatever you want. “Awareness” is not a reason to misuse the categories in the first place. Whatever reason it maybe, it’s still not an excuse to misuse categories or break the Developer Forum’s official rules.
Remember rules were preserved there to protect the Developer Forum’s quality as a forum for developers. Topics like this or the misuse of categories to be able to post trash topics will ruin the forum’s quality and purpose.

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plus they can just spread awareness on twitter instead of Roblox devforum. its a better way you know.

Just cause I can’t spam in the forums doesn’t mean it’s justified to spam in someone’s dms.

I would rather not have the forum spammed with crap topics and off-topic things just to “spread awareness”.

Roblox support isn’t the best, but it’s not like the forum members can do anything better.
DD has become a trash dump for off-topic things and spam. It will continue it’s downfall tell it’s basically unusable.

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I hope no one takes this the wrong way, I love that this forum has been opened up to all. I do wish the forum was made back to how it used to be where you had to read so many hours of posts before you were allowed to start topics.

It just seems like the quality has gone way down.

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Well I’m pretty sure it is still this way. I think they should implement a new way to get regular and lock DD to regulars. Until then I think a harsher punishment would teach people to stop spamming off-topic posts.

It has. I get new members don’t know all the forum rules, but most of the off-topic/spam posts in #development-discussion are by people who have been on the forms long enough to understand what is off-topic and what is related to development.


Ah ok! Wasn’t sure, I just assumed they opened the floodgates lol. Thanks for the correction.