Make Studio & Client install under C:/Program Files (x86)/Roblox, and make the program's name always be "Roblox Studio"

Hello, everyone!

It’s slightly annoying to have to re-do settings under Radeon settings, or have Avast! Anti-Virus notify you that you can enjoy “PLACENAME - Roblox Studio” without interruptions for now on, due to how Roblox Studio is currently set up - this applies to every. Single. Place File that you open. Myself, and I’m sure tons of other people would prefer for Studio & possibly the client be installed to C:/Program Files (x86)/Roblox instead of under the app data folder.

Another potentionle fix to the Avast! problem is to have the folders under APPDATA//Roblox be renamed something like “Client” or “Studio” instead of a name that appears to be a random hash, however, this wouldn’t solve the Radeon settings problem, or NVidia / Intel for that matter.

If more info is needed, I’ll be glad to post more! :slight_smile:


I agree, the current behavior is very annoying.

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This feature request would also be a good time to work on this:


Bumping this as this issue is still prevalent with the current build of Studio.