Manvir | Logo Designer [OPEN]

Hey there! I am Manvir. I am a Logo Designer and am working for roughly 9 months. I spend each and every day trying to improve and get the best results. I keep on trying different styles of logos. If you have any query feel free to contact me via Twitter or Discord.



  1. No NSFW

  2. Payment First:- Through Group Funds or
    Gamepass (Costs more due to tax)
    PayPal is also accepted

  3. No rushing. It can take time if I have many orders.

  • Logos - 7000 :robux: / $30 USD

You can contact me on:-

  1. Here on Devforum

  2. Twitter - @Manvirarts

  3. Discord - Manvir#8432

Thanks for reading. Hope u have a great day ahead!!


Super cheap prices for the work you provide! Keep it up!


Thanks a lot buddy for the appreciation!!


UPDATE: Added New Personal Artwork in Thumbnails ‘Bacon Power’


UPDATE: Added a new logo to Examples.

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Recommend Manvir, he made me my logo within a fast time period and the logo was high quality


Thanks buddy. I appreciate that.

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New prices are updated now. U can go up and check there.

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Manvir/Manwire06 is absolutely fantastic! Great work ethic, amazing skill, great communication and speed! Not a single problem with him I would recommend him to anyone looking for a good Logo/Icon!! 10/10


The thing that I don’t get is why are these cheap??
Most work like those could get up to 10k and you make them at cheap prices? why is that?

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Thanks a lot erukisha. I really appreciate it.


Thanks a lot aqzaqz for the suggestion. It would be really helpful if u can also tell me what u thought is worth more :slight_smile:

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well, the thumbnails can get up to 500-6500R$
Logos can get up to 150-1500R$
Game Icons can hop into 150-500R$
Adverts goes for 150-2500$
Normal Renders is for 50-100R$ (your choice)
Pfp goes for 150-500R$

Price ranges would vary based on the effort and the amount of work put into it. also you can feel free to increase the prices because listen, your work is 10x more complex and better than me and looking at it being cheap is just disappointing…

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Thanks a lot buddy will take it into consideration.


Keep yourself safe out there chief and don’t neglect your worth. whether it’s GFX or anything else.


UPDATE: Added a lot of new examples.

Rating out of 5: 5

Would I recommend again?

Definitely, this guy is super cheap and provides excellent work for his prices and I was very pleased with the outcome. Not really anything bad to say here.
He made sure that the product was made with passion, and made sure that it was delivered to us as soon as possible. He was very happy to make changes to anything we didn’t like which, was very pleasing for me.

I wouldn’t really say I’d hire him for thumbnails, only because I am lucky enough to get to hire @i5k
but, if I was someone who was on a tight budget, I would definitely hire him without thinking.

Welldone, Manvir. Once again you have pleased another one of your customers!

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Thanks a lot :slight_smile: It was a pleasure working with u on this project. I learnt many things while making the changes u suggested.

UPDATE: A lot of new and nice examples added to each category specially Logos and Thumbnails.

I’d definitely recommended Manvir if you’re in need of a GFX or logo. They provided me with a super quick response and delivery, and met my request for the design.

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