Marketplace: Our Vision and Guiding Principles

The 50% in resale is still too much and i think for a lot of people
Making profit of these ugc limited is really really hard
Could be good to change it to like 40% like classic limited.


This Post is just a bowl of dissapointment, its time to quit fr.

Offsale limiteds are the best thing roblox saw, and im overwhelmingly angry at this, Honestly roblox is just in the bin at this point and we all know it, just face it. Workclock headphones, and so many items should be limited as its pointless as they rot offsale, Its unfair and as a marketing team who thinks of this ? Like come on this is poor… These old demanded offsale items should be limited as it creates a new way to customize your avatar and also makes people happy. Cant believe the catalog fell of so bad in two months.

When is the next offsale limited, how long is the regular basis ? No transparency again.


Im Devastated, its an awful decision and i feel like there heading straight to the ground.
The fact they think people like ugc limiteds is horrendous,

What does it mean by regular basis, does it mean now every few months ? what does it mean


The original DMCA law states that the owner of the website where users upload copyrighted content could be held responsible. It’s the same reason why the NMPA was able to sue Roblox, and Roblox had to settle with them with the audio update.


It is Roblox’s responsibility to take down this sort of content in order to prevent themselves being sued by said copyright holders


@Roblox never have i felt so disapointed.

Who Thought of that one, someone who doesnt care what the community thinks thats for sure…

Roblox created limiteds built avatar diverserty, new ways to customize your avatar and brought treasured items back onto the catalog after years of being offsale, The best thing roblox has ever done and as a company this is how you will burn to the ground and suffer, these stupid moves that are being made so commonly now that im honestly done with a platform that forgets about the community.

This is really a bad vision and ive seen so many others believe in that to.

Offsale limiteds were honestly the only reason i stuck around and many others so this is honestly just devastating. These roblox created limiteds are way better and I’m disappointed in roblox. very disapointed.


If roblox wont treat normal roblox items with respect, no one is going to respect ugc items.
Its always a one way circle, This will be spread all over twitter soon in a firestorm.


As a UGC Creator myself, I would love if Roblox brought back it’s treasured offsale items as limiteds. I fell in love with them so much over the years. However, it would be nice for the community to vote on offsale sale items, let the community decide instead of making random ones or all of them limited. :slight_smile:


I believe the workers have no knowledge of what actually gets posted on the catalog if they think that 99% of the “copied limiteds” have been reported and taken down. If they opened their eyes and actually looked at the catalog, saw what users are uploading, maybe then they would realize their statistics are completely wrong.


Roblox has fallen to crap

This post just makes me realize how poor the team really is. never did i expect this to be this disappointing

Who Doesn’t want roblox created limiteds and treasured offsale items going limited, they were the last hope to actually age up the platform and keep people playing. The platform is so dead now,
Roblox fix your self as this is just bang out of order.


This is the opinion of a UGC Creator:
For UGC items and limiteds to work, I think we need way more limitations on how much we can post in the catalog. Since if the marketplace is constantly flooded with items, then not many items will become profitable (able to be resold for profit after bought). I’ve already seen Roblox limiteds start to fall as more and more users spend robux on ugc rather than roblox limiteds.
Overtime, the circulation supply of robux in the economy will lower due to ugc items being bought thus lowering the value of both ugc, ugc limiteds, and roblox limiteds. This would also cause the for demand of ugc items to go down, however ugc items would continue to be posting to the catalog in enormous volume.


This has no transparency, when is the next one ? how long is regular basis,


This is a massive joke of a statement. The UGC catalog consistently fails to moderate and regulate copies of existing Roblox-made limited items. In fact, I could probably link multiple copied items uploaded within just the past 24 hours. I don’t understand how you could confidently put out such a lie of a statement just to pretend the platform is close to ready for public UGC. We are not even close.


Also, in regards to this statement… This is a terrible decision. I am unsure if this encompasses making Roblox’s old offsale items limited, but if it does this is awful. I can’t think of a single person who didn’t like that Roblox was doing this, it was extremely exciting to see an old item come back as a limited almost every single day. The demand for Roblox’s classic items are so high, we see this every year with Headless Horseman. This process needs to continue, Roblox does not value their own items as much as the community does and it’s a massive disconnect.


This is very true, and just to prove this point here is an item released TODAY which resembles a highly valuable and sought after limited.

UGC Item:

Limited In question:

The overall shape of the horns is essentially the same with the only real difference being Horns of Pwnage have spikes on the sides.


Honestly roblox should start caring about the community

Its a terrible decision and offsale limiteds were the only items people wanted, this is awful and

Offsale limiteds were the best feature on roblox and it disapoints me how delusional the roblox team really is.


Can you let us cancel a limiteds further sales? And refund the remaining upload fee in terms of stock?

This would let us do timed limiteds … and also let us halt long standing limiteds that haven’t sold out (letting them enter the limited trading marketplace instead).

Also, sometimes creators just misjudge demand.

Then there is the advantage of creators being able to keep the limited market “cleaned up”. So it doesn’t devolve into a sea of unsold limiteds, diluting the market for new limiteds and the entire limited market in general.

Being able to take things off “fresh stock” sale and stock refund on unsold units just benefits everyone.


As many people have already pointed out by this point, this is not a good idea by any means. This only stands to encourage newer users to buy old accounts from others in order to get these now unobtainable items. Along with this, many people (myself included), it felt as if Roblox were actually doing something by the community for the first time in a while and we were therefore shocked and ecstatic when Roblox began making these items limited, especially in the trading community which had began to get stale due to no items being released in 2 years this was a massive deal, taking this away just stands to hurt that community again which is one of the biggest communities that care about limiteds. Literally NOBODY wanted this to stop so please listen to the community and keep this going.


Is this short for one every few months?

if not im quiting, see ya later what a crap platform roblox is.


If they are using materials from an anime, tv show, or video game you own you are free to send in a DMCA request. Otherwise its not your issue and its not Roblox’s either, especially since we don’t know if they are using those materials without permission from their authors and/or copyright holders.

On the main topic, these changes are really good, free limiteds will be able to be restricted to one per person now so that everyone can have a chance at getting cool free items. I just wish they were tradable and with better cuts to developers and resellers