Taking Action on Copies of Roblox-Created Limiteds

Hi Creators,

Today, over 90% of our Marketplace items are community-created. Since 2019, we have seen many innovative creations from the community, but unfortunately, a small percentage of these items have been copies or near-copies of Roblox-created Limiteds.

We share your concerns about this and are hard at work to find a solution. To start, we want to communicate our policy prohibiting these copies and what we plan on doing in the future to prevent copies of these items from being published in the Marketplace.

Our guidelines and policies prohibit the copying of Roblox items

Creators in the UGC Program must adhere to our Community Standards, Terms of Use, and Marketplace Requirements which prohibit creating items that are overly similar to existing items.

If Creators violate these policies and guidelines by creating copies of existing items, we reserve the right to remove them from the UGC Program. In addition, all of the Creator’s items created while they were a part of the UGC program will be removed and taken off-sale.

To date, we have removed all violating content that has been reported to us and will continue to do so.

We reduce the financial incentives for people to copy

Once an item goes on sale in the Marketplace, it can still be removed if it is reported and fails to comply with our guidelines. Roblox will refund anyone who had the item removed from their inventory, and cancel any pending payments for that item to remove the financial incentives for bad actors to keep copying items.

We also have a 30-day escrow hold for each purchase where Roblox holds the commission from the sale of your items for 30 days starting from the date of sale. If your item is removed for copying Roblox-created Limiteds, you will not receive any of the earnings held in this escrow.

For more information on how to report content that violates our policies, please review our Community Standards.

Improving our ability to detect copies

In the coming weeks, we will roll-out improvements that will help us better recognize copies of Roblox-created Limiteds before they are published to the Marketplace. We expect this will drastically reduce the number of copies in our Marketplace and improve our ability to identify violators to remove from our program.

Please stay tuned as we continue to share updates on our efforts in these areas.

Ready to apply to the UGC Program?

Please submit your application through this link or learn more about the UGC Program through the Marketplace Requirements and Publishing to Marketplace pages of the Creator Hub.

Thank you.


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This is a great update. UGC is meant for creativity, not just ripoffs of other items. Good update :100:


Been campaigning for a change for months and am finally glad to see some positive action! Thanks so much for the transparency and info, really happy to finally see some action being taken on issues like these.


What is the official policy on add-on items for limiteds? There is zero consistency with what is and what is not deleted, and people are being kicked from the program due to Roblox’s lack of communication and consistency.


This is AMAZING! I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen blatant rip offs of Roblox-made limiteds in the past year, some of them are even outright copying the mesh to change the color of valuable items such as federations or dominuses, such as blue decoration to make other federations (such as Duke) appear to look like Lord. It also seems to be greatly reducing the quality of the UGC catalog as of recently, as many are just void star ripoffs made for money.

I do hope that more action will be taken in the coming months, but I’m excited to hear that the community’s problems with these limiteds is being taken seriously.


How will unsuspecting UGC copies be treated? There are quite a few limiteds out there that can be accidentally copied or mimicked (for example Red Bandana of SQL Injection). How will Roblox treat these?

Will there be exceptions or will creators have to face warns/removal from the UGC program nonetheless? While I’m not a UGC creator myself, a more detailed policy could definitely help others.


Will this technology be used to protect users’ limited and non-limited creations as well? or will we have to use the normal DMCA methods?


I’m really looking forward to this update!


Finally! Looking forward to the upcoming changes that will be rolling out. :+1:


I’m wondering as UGC creator myself… is what crosses the line between something that is considered a limited copy and what is not.

I’m kind of wondering what you guys mean by improvements, is it going to be some automated system to detect it? or will it be manually reviewed by someone more closely to determine if something is a knock off or not? Or perhaps is it something else?

Another concern is how a good portion of the items that have copied roblox limiteds are in groups, sometimes with a group holder and a special rank for the person in the UGC program to change the settings of the item. I feel like the owner of the groups (not just the group holder) should be held accountable and not just the UGC creator involved.


Big W. I hope we will see more great news like this soon.


Amazing! I’m glad that you’re taking action on this!


I wonder if the new AI stuff could be used to detect copies, like how TurnItIn detects essay plagiarism. Then a human could do a final review.


Thank goodness, finally Roblox is starting to clean up the UGC program.


Does this policy also apply to Roblox-created accessories that may not be Limited in status (IE: toy code items, and event items)? It appears that there are mixed wording on whether these items will be included or not.


I’ve seen Roblox take action on “fake limiteds” before, and now when they say something publicly about the situation it’s beautiful. This is a rare case of a Roblox Moderation W and I hope this trend continues.


This is sweet! What is the policy for items that add onto another item? Will these continue to be allowed in the future or will action be taken upon these types of items too? For example Valk addons that turn the red part into a white part etc.


Rare Roblox W. Thank you for dealing with this issue.


Is there any news regarding the UGC applications? I’ve submitted mine a while ago, and haven’t heard anything.

Thank you!