MassApply ~ Apply textures to several objects at once!

Why should you use MassApply?

  • It automatically names textures based on the side they are placed.
  • You can give textures to entire models/folders at a time.
  • You can easily toggle on and off which parts you want textures to be applied to.

Demonstration of use:

Planned updates:

  • None


Update log:

  • Update V1.1: Added folder support.
    August 6, 2021 4:00 AM
  • (Why not skip a number) Update 3.0: Added side selection (you can select which sides you want to have textures applied to); Made it so you can paste image IDs into the texture textbox (allows for quicker workflow); Squashed bugs.
    November 14, 2021

Interesting, can It pick which side to apply? Can it pick every side? I’d personally use this if it could.

That’s uh, easy to use if you never do paste into stuff, while you can just copy the textures and select several objects and press ctrl + shift + v / or paste into


I will add that to my list of future updates.

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Oh cool, here is a function which should help with that update, I’m currently using it for my implementation of multi-side textures. It should help instead of manually ticking off the face properties in the explorer and add more value to the plugin.

textureAllSurfaces function
--applies texture to all surfaces of a part and returns a table of em
local faces = Enum.NormalId:GetEnumItems()
local function textureAllSurfaces(part,texture : Texture, editTextureFunction)
	local textureFaceTable = {}
	for _,enum in pairs(faces) do
		local textureClone = texture:Clone()
		textureClone.Face = enum
		textureClone.Parent = part
		textureFaceTable[enum] = textureClone
	return textureFaceTable

Perhaps you can add on option to tick on or off which faces which can be textured and make the plugin even more awesome.

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This feature has been added.



You can now toggle placing the texture on all sides!

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I have now given the plugin a real reason to be used as you can see in the following video:

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ill give it a go and lets see how it goes :smiley:



  • Side selection
  • Squashed bugs
  • Added undo+redo waypoints so actions can be undone
  • Fixed big memory leaking problem (thank you @Quenty for blessing us with maid)
  • Made it so you can paste image IDs into the texture textbox (allows for quicker workflow).

I feel like this plugin could be available for all objects (things like SurfaceGUIs, which are similar to textures)


Great idea! I will get working on that.

This is a really interesting plugin, this can speed up the development process and make it easier. Can’t wait to see the future of this plugin!

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is this even still supported? or was it deprecated due to pbr and such?

I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t still be supported.

I legitimately had no idea about this plugin and I’ve made something similar for both blisstools and auroraSuite, although I think some parts are handled much worse than this.

I didn’t mean supported as in it still works i meant as in it is still being updated