Materials' Unique Properties


As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to adjust how part’s material looks like.

I’d like to have unique properties for each material, so I could adjust it’s visuals.

Few examples:


I’d like to have more control over Neon material’s glow. There could be few properties to control glow’s intensity, color or transparency.
There are already few threads about it which (more or less) describe the issue:


I don’t want Glass material’s refraction to be based on Transparency property. Instead, there could be a separate property for Refraction.


With an additional property for Brick’s material, I would be able to adjust grout’s color: image


The same thing as above: image

If Roblox was able to adress this issue, it would allow developers to add more depth to their builds and have more control over their parts’ visuals. It would also allow for more complex special effects, especially with the use of Neon and Glass materials.


Or you know, giving us the ability to use our own bump maps:


That’s an entirely different topic.
I’m talking about Studio’s built-in Materials only.
Besides, you can’t achieve a Neon glow effect with bump maps…


I think bump maps would be a great addition - roblox materials applied to bump maps (for instance, bump map - inspired glass refraction) would be extremely cool. Or, for instance, have the bump map act as a mask for the neon and output an effect like this:

idk about you guys but this would make my day :slight_smile:


Can we not talk about bump maps on this thread? It’s completely off-topic. There are other threads which mention them already.