Medatsu: Community Guidelines

Enforcement is at the discretion of the individual moderator, and may vary case by case depending on context and intent.

Rules and punishments are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the head moderator or board of directors. Users who attempt to circumvent or loophole the rules will be punished under the rule they attempted to circumvent.

Recent Updates

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In-Game Punishments

Offence Description
Exploiting (including bug misuse) The use of exploits. Includes abusing game bugs.
Online Dating Seeking an online partner or inappropriate role play
Trolling Self-explanatory. Includes jumping the queue, bothering staff with useless questions, etc. See also: Troll Account
Abuse of Music system Playing excessively loud music, patriotic music, troll music, audio that is not a song, or excessively long music (5+ minutes). You may have your access to the music system permanently revoked.
Chat Abuse Spamming in chat, flooding the chat, or misuse of capital letters
Attacking Moderator Rude or abusive statements towards moderators. Especially applies if you’ve been banned.
Attacking Directors Any content intended to defame, promote hate, or entice violence on any member of the board of directors
Abusing Hand-to Spamming people items, or giving people unwanted items. Only applies if the item is actually given. Persistent offences will be reported to executives and may result in demotion.
Drama, Arguments, and Flame wars Causing drama and arguments. Includes flame wars and riots. All involved users will be punished.
Raiding Self-explanatory. If a user has previously been banned for raiding, no matter how old, they will be given a permanent ban.
Refusing to follow instructions Disobeying instructions from a moderator, executive, etc.
Troll Account Any rule violations on an account under 30 days may result in a permanent ban with a single warning
Staff Trolling Trolling while holding a staff rank incurs a more serious penalty.
Copyright Infringement Distributing, possessing, or encouraging the theft of our intellectual property. Doesn’t matter if it’s leaked publicly, if you have it; even if you didn’t leak it, you’re accountable.
Breaching Confidentiality Revealing any information that is considered private and confidential.

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