Medatsu: Staff Code of Conduct


Welcome to the Staff Code of Conduct. All staff must follow these guidelines while in-game or on the group wall, or they are at risk of losing their rank.
Please ensure you read all sections of this document and understand them!

Your account, your responsibility. We reserve the right to remove your rank or experience at any time for any reason. Saying my brother did it is not an excuse and will not get you out of a penalty.


Do not ask for promotions. We choose executives based on their work ethic, activity, maturity, etc.
The only time you can ask for promotions, is if you meet the requirements for the next rank.

Please note that having 2,000 experience doesn’t mean you automatically get Staff Assistant.

Staff Expectations

  • You must use correct spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Grammar is not required in our communications server.
    • Please note that allies (unless their groups’ guidelines state otherwise), moderators, developers, noted customers, and others ranked Business Partner are not required to use grammar.
  • Trolling, abuse of capitalization, inappropriate behavior, and other violations of our Community Guidelines are absolutely forbidden.
  • Do not go AFK while you are working. This is considered “farming” and is grounds for demotion, plus a permanent erasure of your experience.
    • If you purchase experience, then they will not be erased, ever. If this happens, please contact us ASAP and we will investigate. Be advised that we do have logs and can check if you did actually make those purchases.
    • If you have a substantial number of experience removed and you no-longer meet the requirements for your rank, you may be demoted.
  • Please refrain from starting drama or flame wars.
  • Staff members are not responsible for moderating users. If someone is breaking our rules, you can issue a single request to stop before contacting a moderator or executive.
  • If you see another staff member struggling, please kindly help them. This is almost certainly a way to help get yourself promoted.

Interacting with Customers

When interacting with a customer, you are supposed to utilize grammar and be professional at all times. You must be quick and efficient.


Giving a good greeting is really important. It gives a friendly impression and encourages customers to return.

Hello! Welcome to Medatsu, my name is Chef, how may I help you today?
The greeting above is just an example, feel free to add some creativity. We recommend copying and pasting your greeting so you don’t have to manually type it out every time, which can be time consuming.

Being a customer

If you are a staff member and get bored, you are more than welcome to order food and play Medatsu as a customer, however you MUST ensure you click Stop Working. Failure to do so puts your job and hard-earned experience on the line.
Additionally, we have systems in place that prevent users who are Working from being able to order food or exit the areas for their duties. To ensure you have no disruptions, please remember to stop working!


You are more than welcome to leave our group should you get tired of Medatsu. However, please be advised that we do not reissue staff status should you leave the group. This includes if your sibling did it.
Your experience will remain saved and if you pass applications or interviews, you will be returned to your former rank.
If you have questions about this, please contact an executive (Staff Assistant +).

Moving ranks/point to another account

Ranks and points cannot be sold, traded, gifted or otherwise transferred to another account or friend.
Please do not ask to be an exception to this guideline.

Additional Expectations

Our expectations for our executives, developers, moderators, and partners are not held here. Additionally, we are not at liberty to disclose them to you.

These users are bound to separate conduct expectations to the one listed above. If you feel as if their conduct is out of line, please contact the appropriate staff member.

If reporting an executive or moderator, please contact a Corporate Officer.
If reporting a corporate officer or developer, go to a Director.
If reporting a business partner, please go to the Communications team.

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