Medatsu: Staff Handbook

Welcome to the Staff Handbook. Please ensure you read the full handbook thoroughly as it contains useful information.

What is Experience?

Experience is earned from working in-game. The longer you spend working, the more experience you get. The system uses some really advanced math to determine how many experience it should give you.

:warning: Going AFK while working, or pressing Start Working when you are not, is grounds for demotion and a permanent wipe of your save file
Press Stop Working should you need to go AFK. It’s worth noting that general staff do not have any activity requirements, so there is no reason to cheat.
You may purchase experience from the in-game store. Purchased experience will not be lost should your save file be reset.


To give another user an item, equip it and type /handto (username) in the game chat, replacing (username) with the user you’re giving the item to.
Certain items cannot be given, and sometimes users cannot be given items.

Common Errors

  • Command Failed: You are not holding anything You need to hold an item to give it to someone.
  • Command Failed: Cannot give to staff members You cannot give items to staff members who haven’t pressed Stop Working.
  • Command Failed: Customer is not in dining area You cannot give items to players who aren’t in valid dining areas.
  • Command Failed: Food is not cooked You cannot give incomplete food to customers
  • Command Failed: Item is not food You cannot give items that aren’t food to customers
  • Insufficient Permissions. You are level 0. Level 1 required. You haven’t pressed Start Working
  • Error while running command 'handto'. Please report this error to the developers. Please take a screenshot of the error message and send it as a bug report.

Rank Info & Tasks

Code of Conduct

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