Meet the Roblox Champions

Hey Developers,

Last year, we added a group to the Developer Forum called “Roblox Champions”. You may have seen certain users who have this title on the forum and wondered what that’s all about. Well, we’re now officially announcing the Roblox Champions Program!

The Roblox Champions are members of the Roblox developer community that have been recognized for outstanding contributions by the Developer Relations Team and the community itself. Developers chosen to participate in this program exemplify the “community” aspect of Roblox development. Aside from being representatives of the community, these Champions are given the chance to provide feedback on upcoming features before they are released to users signed up for beta features or to the public.

Champions are selected through nomination: current Champions and Roblox Staff can nominate developers to be considered for the Champions program.

Meet some of our current Champions below:


Bio: Hey, I’m AlvinBlox! A Roblox Champion, developer and YouTube content creator. I’ve been on Roblox for 7 years, however, I started scripting and making my own games around 2013 (2 years after I joined). At that time, there weren’t many resources available to help learn apart from a few Roblox Wiki articles and some YouTube videos. That’s why I decided to create my YouTube channel: to help others learn in a simple, broken down way. I try to appeal to all skill levels; however, I mainly focus on beginner tutorials. If you’d like to learn more about scripting, check out my channel.

As part of the Roblox Champions program, I write content for Roblox to help you learn more about game development and help give feedback on upcoming features to the platform – to improve the development experience & workflow for all.

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Bio: Hi, I’m Aotrou! You might recognise me from my long posts on the Developer Forums - I’m nothing if not thorough! Before joining Roblox in 2008, I had been making mods for The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind for around two years and getting my brothers to play through the dungeons I had (poorly) created. When I found Roblox, I quickly realized I could get more people to play through the levels that I (poorly) created! Win-win!

After graduating in business in 2017 I worked at Roblox HQ as a marketing intern in the spring of 2018, I really enjoyed my time there but my real passion is for game design and 3D art; after all, I have been doing that for over ten years! During my time on Roblox I’ve built for countless games - most notably as the building lead for the 2018 Egg Hunt event game, and building team member for the 2018 Halloween event game. I specialize in 3D modelling and world building which you can find (among other work I’ve done) by checking out my portfolio here - I’m always adding new stuff!

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Bio: For those who haven’t met me yet, I’m buildthomas! I joined Roblox in 2008 after seeing Roblox advertised as a 3D online building tool. I loved building castles and roleplaying games and recreating cool architecture from movies and games that I was playing at the time (outside of Roblox). I gradually turned to developing as I learned scripting and realized that my building skills weren’t the strongest. I’ve since released several roleplaying games in my early years and more recently have worked on the Egg Hunt 2018: The Great Yolktales and the Atlantis events as scripter and team lead!

I am an active members of the Developer Forum and one of the Community Sages on there. I love discussing Roblox development and helping others on their development journey. I am also a QA manager for the voluntary QA Testers group, where I support new games and event games with their releases as well.

My passions are programming, game design and UX. Recently, I formed a new team together with colleagues and friends that will be making Roblox games over the next months and years called Freshly Squeezed Nerds! I will be working together with some of the most talented people in the community to make our ideas come to reality. Be sure to give us a follow!

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Bio: I originally joined Roblox back in 2009 and enjoyed playing with Roblox Studio. Engineering has always been a fascination, and so the mechanics of Roblox were very interesting even at this young age. I then ended up in the Clan community for many years and eventually progressed to developing Roblox Games. After some success, myself, my brother (Blockfacebomb) and Jon (BlockFaceSteve) started Block Evolution Studios. From here we have transformed Block Evolution Studios into a successful company on the Roblox platform and plan on expanding as rapidly as we can into the future. Our plan to bring another 2 members onto our team next year is currently being put into action.

Jon and I had the privilege of talking as part of the Marketing Panel at the Roblox Developer Conference of 2018 to share the techniques and tricks we have developed to make sure every game we have released has been a success. Personally, I handle a lot of Client-side infrastructure, such as user interfaces and user experience. I have a passion for creative problem solving and try to develop and implement only the most impressive solutions.

I have been studying a degree in Robotic Engineering with Jon and this is how we originally met. This degree has helped us both improve our approach to large systems engineering on Roblox. We are becoming increasingly more familiar with building complex and reliable systems. This allows us to develop games such as Heists II.

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Bio: I joined Roblox back in 2010 and have recently formed a full-time development company with Blockfacebob. I originally joined the platform as a player but quickly found my way into development. It wasn’t until 2017 we got our first big break with Zoo Tycoon. This project opened the possibility of working full time on Roblox. Since then we applied our business and engineering knowledge to successfully produce and release multiple titles.

My background is in robotics engineering where I learned how to design and build complex integrated systems. I found my skills highly transferable. Though experience we have found that maintaining a high-level view of operations is core to our success. As a developer I operate mostly as an all-rounder, being able to script and build at the same time has boosted our company’s productivity by minimizing downtime.

Outside of Roblox, I’ve learned a lot about running a business from my own successful and unsuccessful stat-ups. I found that Roblox provided a great opportunity to combine all my skills into one area. The opportunity to speak at the Roblox Developer Conferences as a part of the Marketing panel was also great experience for me. We shared our strategies that enable us to hit the front page with every release. Looking forward I am excited to grow Block Evolution Studios and help as many people as possible along the way.

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Bio: Hi, I’m Crazyman32. I’ve been on Roblox since 2008, and am mostly known for my work within aviation on Roblox. I have mostly been active within the community of Roblox scripters, with a focus of helping others learn to write clean and efficient code for their games. In recent years, I have also created an open-sourced game framework to help simplify the creation of games within Roblox Studio, and have been using it to produce a few of my own games. My experience on Roblox has also helped me launch my career as a software engineer, where I apply skills every day that I learned from Roblox game development. I am active on Twitter where I often share the technical details of Roblox game development.

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Bio: I’m Dhammapada. I’ve been on this platform actively since around 2010. It wasn’t until around 2017 that I started developing and I have the volunteer Quality Assurance of Robloxia group to thank for it. I was accepted in early 2017 and quickly found myself in a management position where I had the responsability for several stresstests. Nowadays, I still help manage the volunteer QA group and have started building. I consider myself a decent builder and I will continue to strive to improve my skill until I can reach my goal; helping Roblox with a custom game.

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Bio: Hey everyone, my name is PeteyK473! I’ve been on the Roblox platform since 2010 and from the start, I wanted to make games that my friends could play, though I didn’t use Studio proficiently until late 2013. In 2013 I primarily focused on asset creation, but since the release of smooth terrain I’ve been using it to create environments for developers as well. I became a member of the developer forums in 2017 and since then I’ve been involved with a few projects such as 2018’s Egg Hunt and the Creator Challenge as well as have been building for some larger projects that aren’t released yet.

The past year has been a blast. While I am primarily a builder and 3D modeler, I also do management for various projects like the QA Testers of Robloxia, as well as the Roblox Localization Team, which I co-manage with @ShipooI. As a team, one of our main goals is to make developers realize how much games generally benefit from having localization in their games, the ways it’ll help them as well as also satisfying a potentially massive amount of their players at the same time.

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Bio: I’m Ravenshield, and I have been on Roblox since late 2007. From my early days I loved getting into Studio and just building out whatever came to mind. After several years of building, I dove into the world of scripting, and nowadays I consider myself a decent all-rounder. I have worked with various different teams on different game projects, have worked on several bigger events with Roblox and today I spend a lot of time helping out other developers in my helping community, Roblox Helpers. I also work on some upcoming games for Nocturne Entertainment, TropiCoon and Freshly Squeezd Nerds.

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Bio: Hi, I’m sircfenner! As a Roblox veteran of over 10 years and one of its first million users, I’ve seen the platform come a long way to where it is now. My key specialty within game development is programming. I particularly enjoy maths and computer science, and I tend to focus on some of the more technical aspects of programming for game development. You may know this from my Twitter page where I have showcased various projects including my renderer written in Roblox Lua. You might alternatively know me as one of the developers of the popular game Mining Simulator.

It’s a pleasure to be part of the community of Roblox Developers and I’m thankful for all of the help I’ve had getting to where I am now: Roblox is my full-time job. I’m very keen to give back to the community where I can, so don’t hesitate to get in contact with me either through Twitter or on the DevForums if you would like any help or guidance in my areas of expertise.

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Bio: My name is Younite, and I’ve been on Roblox since 2010. I played Roblox occasionally back in 2010-2011. I got more into it from 2012 onwards, and surprisingly didn’t get into development until 2014. I tried out building but didn’t really enjoy it but discovered a passion for graphic design. I taught myself Photoshop and later Illustrator, and haven’t looked back. I got into the developers forums in 2016 and it was my lucky break. Since then, I’ve developed for games such as Work At A Pizza Place, Natural Disaster Survival, Miner’s Haven and The Egg Hunt 2018: The Egg Hunt Great Yolktales, all of which is available to view on The best advice I received was from BSlick: ‘The worst thing someone can say to you is no’. Asking for work is harmless, and you could be lucky!

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Bio: Hello world! I first discovered Roblox in 2010 as a safe place where I could unleash my creativity. Some of you may have seen me around the community, at the Roblox Developer Conference, on Twitter, or perhaps you recognize me as the guy who runs the (unofficial) Roblox Discord.

My most recent work—having started as soon as it was announced—is closely related to Roblox’s international outreach, which I have always been passionate about. I’ve localized many of Roblox’s top games to Spanish and continue to do so! My experience developing on Roblox has led me to pursue a career in I.T. I am always looking for new opportunities to test my own abilities, to push boundaries, and to explore new concepts. I believe that everyone can achieve their objectives if they are able to focus and remain positive. A piece of advice for all who want to create: It’s the attitude that counts!

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whose next


Buildthomas is amazing and we are truly better for having him in our community.


They’re all pretty amazing at helping the community.


That’s a great selection of people chosen to be part of the Roblox Champions Program, they all truly deserve it.

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wooooo, sircfenner


Congratulations guys!


Congratulations and thank you for your contributions to the community! :raised_hands:



(saw my chance and took it don’t @ me)

On topic: I think each of these members contribute heavily to the forum and new members ability to see what they can learn from these people’s releases.


these are some epic gamers.


I love all of you beautiful people :heart:


I have seen these individuals in and around the community being very helpful whether it’s offering resources, support or sharing their experiences (a la Roblox Medium page). We’re lucky to have these talented developers on board and I’d like to congratulate them for their acceptance into the Champions program, whenever that may have taken place.


Totally ObscureEntity!

All these people deserve to be ROBLOX Champions, particularly AlvinBlox who really helped me when I started to learn how to develop and script.


BuildThomas is well deserved!!

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Buildthomas 100% one of the most helpful people around!


Sounds like an amazing opportunity! I’d love to be a part of this some day to help inspire other community members of the dev forum! :smile:


me of course

BuildThomas is a robot a really hard worker, he suits the title of ‘Champion’ incredibly well.