Mega Update! to the prison of Robloxia (Old Topic)

Hello !, this is the part 3 of this topic I am very proud of myself but especially my team because we are already improving EVEN MORE! the map of the prison since if you have gone to my other old topics of this construction you will notice a great change, what is new ?, / New sewer soon where will come a strange and toxic substance that will affect the map, also new details both great as small, all the repeated trees from before have been exchanged for 3 different models, and finally the new prison is coming for next week but remastered, that is, it will be remodeled even bigger
So can you tell how I’m doing it?
Thanks for your atention


Part 1 of this construction (Creating the map for first time): [Old topic] / The Prison of Robloxia (Advances)

Part 2 of this construction: FUTURE UPDATE to The Prison of Robloxia (Advances)

(More advances)


Everything here looks nice, I like it all.

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Wow, i love it! I think you should add some vehicles arround the map.


A suggestion would be adding an abandoned mine somewhere but other than that the map is amazing and impressive and you really should be proud imo :smile: have a good night!


Okay, now I’m Lovin’ it. This map is insane and huge. Well done!

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Wow now it’s so realistic and bigger, your map

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I noticed that a lot, or most of the things you built your game with are free models! But you have pulled it off and made the game look so professional and it just looks amazing. I can help you develop the game if you want, but all in all, it looks pretty good :slight_smile:

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At that time I did not know how to build so much, only structures and from there I did not use free models again
I appreciate your help but I made this version
I’m already more of an expert in construction
BTW this topic is already old

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My own version and new :slight_smile:


Nice job you did that really fast good job

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Very detailed City great Job! :wink:

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Looks very nice and detailed. I suggest putting a little more into the buildings thought. (In the city)

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Well, this game I already forgot it and I will hardly update it :frowning:

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You hardly update it? Okay. That makes sense.

I’m updating it right now, what a coincidence

Sorry I was referring to my new jail, not this is that I got confused

It’s nice yea but like the other dude said the buildings in the city needs to be more detailed maybe make them a little bigger and add some neon windows

Now that I see this old creation, the buildings were very basic, I am proud to have improved my construction skills,

I also have another suggestion I know your map big city perhaps you could use that map for the game put the jail in that city and your map would look so much better besides you don’t have to do as much work

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Then I’ll try to give you some advices later :slight_smile: