Members should be able to post in #release-notes

In here, it says “All members can reply to topics.”:

However, I see no reply button anywhere:


Extra Information:
The ability for members to reply was available for a few days (near the end of last week) but was recently disabled (around today)

I personally prefer for replies to stay closed, however.


Why exactly was it disabled? I have no way of giving feedback on version 501.

With a growing amount of users not having access to the regular rank, I think it should stay open for members as long as they have the “please wait _ minutes between replies” notice on.


Either a staff member purposely disabled it, or it’s a temporary issue (some forum maintenances can break some things).

I agree with this, it’s just the fact that opening replies to members would just increase the clutter as more people would have the ability to reply. In addition, not all members make the best contributive posts and could lead to replies that ask questions already previously answered (Which just leads into a bigger need for a Post Approval replacement).

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Note: I am a member.

I do not believe members should be able to post on the release notes. The topics will be filled with spam like “Awesome feature!” and rarely include actual feedback.


That’s how it is already :upside_down_face:

I asked this question before, and buildthomas answered that:

Nothing was changed though.

Please use search btw.

Moved to Forum Features – not a bug and not a technical issue. (read category descriptions)

This request was re-posted recently and we decided to make this change:

Thank you for posting! Please leave any feedback on the thread above.

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