Menu Button Designing

So I have been scripting for a while, but I’m completely oblivious to GUI design.
So I have this (ignore the things in the background) and I have absolutely no idea how to make it just have the solid black less than sign. Basically what this would be is when it’s clicked on it flips. I want to know how to isolate the the less than sign.
I think it’s probably some image edit software but I have no idea.

Less than sign is an imagebutton inside of a frame.

Give this a read, I found it to be extremely helpful

I know how to position and move them, I just don’t know how to create the button.

Oh I see, like how to make the code for when it’s clicked and how to tween it? My apologies, I skim read your post and assumed you were talking about UI in general

No I want to design the image for the button, but the button has the white backdrop. I want to remove said backdrop.

use a program or a website to make the background transparent, import that file into the image field and set the background transparency for the image to 1

To remove the white on the button, set BackgroundTransparency to 1

Any suggestions on the program?
I have no idea what I’m doing.
@indefiniteOptimist it’s also part of the picture not the imagebutton’s background.

here ill link a website I use

set the color you want transparent to white and then import the file with the things on the website its pretty easy and then you save that file

Oh ok, then make sure the image you upload is a .png file and has a background that’s transparent instead of white. Try this:
Save the image and try uploading that instead. What @ItsTruckYear said should also work as long as the white background is all the same shade of white

Ok, thanks for the help!
@ItsTruckYear Yours worked too.

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No problem, sorry for the multiple misunderstandings

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if mine worked for you can you please consider marking my post that helped you as the solution so people know that this is solved

I can only mark one and I did indefinite’s. I @ you because both helped.

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