Meta Quest 2 on SteamVR is Completely Unplayable

When using SteamVR on the Meta Quest 2, I noticed it incorrectly uses a different set of controller inputs compared to the Oculus desktop app version. It is basically unplayable as it lacks the most vital controller inputs from my testing, like A, B, X, and Y.

Since I use Virtual Desktop for all of my PCVR games, it is annoying to have to only use Roblox in the Oculus app that has no audio while playing it (unless in VC games that let me change the audio output driver if I didn’t disable VC for reasons you probably know).

Expected behaviour

It should play exactly the same on Meta Quest 2 when using either the Oculus app or SteamVR

System information

OS: Windows 11
CPU: Intel(R) Core™ i7-9750H CPU @ 2.60Hz
GPU (0): Intel(R) UHD Graphics 630
GPU (1): NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti
VR Setup: Meta Quest 2 using SteamVR (Virtual Desktop)

Update (June 26th, 2023): It got way worse! I can’t even play Roblox in VR at all anymore.

Update (July 7th, 2023): Seems like Roblox is planning on a fix!


Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


It turns out that the most recent update to VR has bricked some of my games that had VR support in them entirely!

I use Nexus VR Character for those games and it ended out completely bricking the system entirely on the games I use it on. That means that backward compatibility with some VR titles is completely broken with this update alone and there is no way around it without completely reworking them.


Please follow the instructions for supported VR setups:, Quest2 with link works through the Oculus App.
Nexus VR is a third party toolkit that needs to be updated to support our roomscale implementation : VR Updates: OpenXR, Height Scaling and Floor Tracking


This unfortunately does not help me at all as it’s not an issue with my VR setup. The bindings are just not available and there are a lot of missing ones that are required using SteamVR. I cannot use the Oculus app on my PC due to massive issues with linking to my PC through Oculus Link, so I am required to use SteamVR (in which I prefer). I tried rebinding the keybinds to the controller to find out that it literally is missing the essential keybinds I need for VR to even work; including joysticks!

Unfortunately, it seems that the Nexus VR is not supported by the developer anymore and breaks every single game I use with it (which is every VR-compatible title I made). I might have to look into any way to fix the issues with Nexus VR myself.

It seems that this is only a Roblox issue and forces Roblox to be run in a 2D plane (which looks like a 3D TV screen inside of VR) while in VR with only the right trigger set to A and the menu button (left controller) set to turning left.

This makes me completely unable to use Roblox in VR at all, even on an empty baseplate. It makes no sense for the Meta Quest 2 to be limited to only the Oculus app since SteamVR has so many more features (including plugins!) and is the only way I can play.

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I think what he was implying is that SteamVR is not a supported setup.
Its very frustrating.
I used to use the SteamVR with Roblox method because the Occulus Airlink thing was too slow. I just gave up entirely because its just too cumbersome to use with Airlink or a cable, who wants to use ‘link’ with a cable tether with a vr headset? (not me)

Roblox really needs a native client for Occulus. No wires, no pc. That will finally make Roblox VR viable.

But then they would have a client for each vr manufacturer to maintain, not likely.

Pipe dream: Roblox makes the mobile client detect VR and the headset makers make an app that runs Google Play or Apple mobile apps(which Roblox has).


I want to note that the problem isn’t the Roblox client with the Oculus app for me as it’s the Oculus app itself. It is unplayable using AirLink (the only way I “could” use it since using a cable kills my headset slowly) on any game and I am forced to use Virtual Desktop with SteamVR. There is no way I cannot play without having to use SteamVR. I am not the only one as all of my PCVR friends with a Quest 2 uses only SteamVR and not the Oculus app.

I know. It’s stupid! It makes no sense why it is not compatible as OpenXR is supposed to make it compatible with all headsets.

It used to be playable before (albeit not having the controls correct), but now it’s completely broken and unusable. SteamVR detects the Oculus controllers, so why not have support for it? It makes no sense to not have it! I do not want to spend over $500 on a new headset just to simply play Roblox in VR and let alone develop for it. If anything, I’d take my VR work elsewhere that lets me use my Quest 2 on SteamVR.

That is planned for the Quest from what they said, but the main problem is being able to test my VR games without having to publish them with every small change. It would be cool just to play whenever I want without a PC, but I develop some games and a PC is basically needed for it!