Voice chat moderation : Moderation reason needs to be given when banned from voice chat

This is my second VC ban, and it’s for 3 days.
I was just vibing and being goofy with friends. We were talking about using HTML text formatting to modify the booths, STRICTLY not cursing to avoid another ban.
So much for that…


Someone in the same server that I was talking to just sent me this.
Another false report VC suspension…


It’s sad because even if you provide them with CLEAR video proof, they provide to you that their eyes are CLEAR. (they dont look at the video proof) it’s like they have some sort of incentive to ban people…


Did a quick poll to get an idea of how many people have been VC banned in my game. Turns out it’s a lot (about 1/3). Obviously, some of these are probably deserved but the vast majority are not. It’s a real problem and the lack of transparency is concerning.

I was also DM’d by some content creators saying that they’re unable to create any real VC-related content anymore because they’re targeted by mass reports that get their voice chat revoked.



I saw that post, I only downvoted cause It wasn’t on Neighbors, but mic up. those numbers are probably off a little, either way really scary. roblox needs to address this.


We love how this still hasn’t been addressed, joke of a website.


I’ve contacted and passed this on to countless Roblox employees who have promised to have the right people look into it and yet nothing has happened for months.

Honestly embarrassing how Roblox doesn’t care or listen to a HUGE problem that is affecting a large portion of VC users.

This is one of many examples of the major flaws of Roblox- their lack of transparency, communication, and willingness to listen to critical feedback from developers.


Just got my second false suspension :slight_smile:
It is time to wait 1 another week for genuinely doing nothing prohibited since Roblox support is meaningless :smiley:


I wish they’d make roblox for older audiences at this point, just because they can’t moderate for children anymore…


i’ve just recieved a one day suspension for literally NO reason and i mean it,

no message, no warning and no reason provided as opposed to others’ moderation notes including the phrase ''Due to the violation of our Community Standards, we have temporarily revoked your access to voice chat until XX/XX/XXX", i’ve gotten a completely blank box

i rarely even use voice chat to within games, only to listen to other’s conversations and join in via text, and on the rare occurrence that i do use voice chat to speak to a friend ingame other than using discord, i get suspended.

do keep i mind i keep swearing to an absolute minimum whilst speaking to my friend, let alone having a conversation with other people (only using swears as an expletive attributive)

i’m now strongly discouraged from even using voice chat entirely, i’ll be sticking to other means of voice communication such as discord from now on.

it’s uncanny how easily someone can just make a report and whoop, there goes your vc.

i’ve sent in an appeal and i will edit this post with said outcome.


Appeals support uses copy-pasted responses, you will just have to wait the day, I doubt they will lift the ban. It’s better safe to have voice chat off for the time being until Roblox actually does something (which probably won’t happen).


I can confirm that appeals do not work. You will receive a copy-pasted message assuring you that you did break community guidelines. They won’t tell you why and when you ask they stop responding. It’s a complete joke.

I know staff had to have seen this by now but yet we have received no word. It’s really quite aggravating that nothing is being done about this.


yeah i don’t know what i expected, i was just curious if they’d actually admit fault but that’s yet to be said since they haven’t replied lol


The moderators are taking this as a complete joke and aren’t even looking into this after seeing multiple people here say that they were.

On the topic of moderation, got a ban for uploading

This npc to roblox as private…

If anyone can tell me what’s wrong here I’d love to know, because I’ve seen other people dress like this in actual games…

Moderation has a common trend where they love to ban people for absolutely nothing, even when given DIRECT PROOF, refer to my reply on getting banned and then showing the employee at roblox support a VIDEO OF WHAT I SAID, since they don’t actually seem to log proof. But the actual thing to note here is that YOU CAN GET BANNED, REGARDLESS OF PROOF, they don’t even read the voice clips, look at the screenshots, or watch the videos, you just get banned… which is a direct problem for people who actually did nothing wrong, and have to sit through the appeal process for half a day to get a copy and pasted denial response.

This makes it harder for

Actually legit players - They have to pause development on games and everything since you can’t publish OR save anything when banned. + They have to wait out for the appeal team to actually give them a response, and half of the time it isn’t looked at

The GOOD moderators - They have to look at significantly more appeal requests and have more work to do just because the bad moderators decide to ban someone for absolutely no reason.

When this all gets fixed I want a whole warn/ban rollback, because most of the bans i’ve been getting recently were unfair due to voicechat or development reasons and would’ve normally been warns but are somehow bans now.


The Roblox moderation team is usually just people outsourced from India, which they don’t care at all unless they’re getting paid, they will wait a few days and then respond to you with a pasted response if you’re lucky enough to have the moderator not wait until after you get unbanned. If it was after you got unbanned, they chuck the appeal out the window, telling you that you were unbanned already.


same like bro, im still banned on this account trying to make a boss fight, and i had to pause my whole development just because some random moderator thinks that specific npc I made was bad or something

the game it’s in wasnt even taken down)


I do hope this gets added, i recently got my vc suspended

and if i recall correctly, probably the worst thing i could’ve said during my few minutes before i was banned could’ve been

“ill leave you two alone so you can have some alone time together”

or when i was joking around and calling people “hood thugs” (messing around with people dressed as “ro-gangsters”

either way they need to add something to tell me what i was banned for so i dont have to go emailing support every time


This was recently tweeted by David, I think this just shows how flawed this system is, or will be. It is already clear AI moderation runs into an insane amount of false positives, especially with vc bans.


can someone give me a skull? i know bro did not just tweet that :skull: same people that banned me for speaking more civillized than half of their mod team, remember when the mod team was online dating? couldn’t be me, i’m more mad that im getting banned for talking normally, not even swearing, and stuff like this, this needs to be fixed asap.


I don’t have any other thread to write this in, but I’ve just fallen into the same repetitive trap. Account clean for years until the AI stuff gets dumped like dirty water and we’re just expected to figure out how to breathe.

Pls Donate is the source of the pic (happened maybe 10 mins before posting this), I’ve worked very hard to limit my language (even things YOU CAN TYPE in the chat that doesn’t censor) which doesn’t work anymore. I’m assuming beggars hate-reported me for not feeding into their entitlement which makes me question why I even bother trying to enjoy myself in that game anymore.

I have been terminated for verbally telling a user to leave me alone as they were doing something inappropriate in-game (unsurprisingly, in Pls Donate as well). I’ve been moderated for telling others to stop encouraging players to take their own life (Mic Up). Appealing doesn’t work, taking clips doesn’t work. Everything somehow conveniently falls into Roblox’s hands no matter what you do.

To be honest, given the current class action lawsuit, I feel as though they need to be hit again where it hurts, but that’s just me. The only way they’ll listen to its users is if they’re being threatened by the law. I’ve been pondering the idea of starting my own because this ongoing neglect of every single user on this site has gone too far and so many of my friends have taken hits they never should have. I’m theorizing they’re doing the most to prevent people raking in Robux from using the Devex program but that’s a theory for another day.

For my termination, it should not have taken multiple people pleading on my behalf for Roblox to correct their error (even if it’s always been wrong) to a lighter sentence. I’ve resorted to physically muting my mic so I can still listen to people at times because this system, as everyone else already mentioned, is broken. I shouldn’t have to worry that simply existing within a 3D computer space can result in my account and PC being denied access to visiting the site. Have we exhausted all of our other options? What else can we do to solve this?