Meta Quest Open Beta Now Available for Download


We are excited to announce that the Roblox Open Beta is now available on Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro! This is a great opportunity for you to test your experiences and get feedback from users. Roblox on Meta Quest is available for any user 13 and older.

To install the Open Beta, you’ll need to follow these steps:

  • Make sure your Meta Quest device is up to date (Roblox requires v55 or higher of Meta Quest software)

  • Search for “Roblox” in the Quest Store and install it from there or download it directly from

  • Start Roblox on your Quest device

  • Sign in to your existing Roblox account* using the Quick Login option on your computer or phone.

    *Note: At this time we do not support account creation or password sign in on Meta Quest devices.

Once you’ve installed the Open Beta and signed in, you’ll be able to test any VR-enabled Roblox experience.


We can’t wait to see the engaging experiences you can now optimize for Meta Quest devices.

Check out our developer documentation before you get started.

Known Issues and Upcoming Improvements

As this is considered an Open Beta, there are a few known issues that we are actively working on:

  • Robux purchasing on device - Buying Robux will not be available in the Open Beta. Users can still purchase items, but they will not be able to buy additional Robux using their Meta Quest device. We will support purchasing Robux while using a Meta Quest device soon.

  • Password sign in and account creation is not supported on Meta Quest devices. Sign in to your existing Roblox account* using the Quick Login option on your computer or phone.

  • Distorted graphics - There is a rare issue where the graphics in an experience can get heavily distorted

  • Recommendations - We do not currently offer personalized recommendations in the “Recommended for You” list.

  • Experience rating - Up / down voting on experiences on the Experience Details page is disabled during Open Beta to give developers time to adjust their games.

  • Graphics performance - We will continue to optimize performance in the app

  • Abuse reporting - Users can report abuse from Roblox UI but not via the button

Please let us know if you are experiencing other issues and we will work to resolve them.

As always, thank you for all of your support and feedback!


Click here to view the FAQ!

How long will the Open Beta be available?

  • The Open Beta will continue until the public launch of Roblox on Meta Quest.

What Meta Quest devices will the Open Beta support?

  • The Open Beta will support Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro devices.

When will you allow experiences to be on Meta Quest?

  • All experiences can be published to VR using the device list in Studio. For the Open Beta, some experiences have “VR” automatically checked in the device list, but all experiences can check “VR” to publish their experience in VR. See here for more information.

If my experience is available for VR devices in the Open Beta, will VR user ratings (thumbs up/down) impact my experience rating?

  • No, experiences published to VR during the Open Beta, will not impact overall experience ratings (thumbs up or down).

If my experience is published for VR, can I unpublish my experience for VR?

  • Yes, we have added “VR” as a new device type on the Access page of the Creator Dashboard and the Game Settings panel in Roblox Studio.

    If you’d like to get to the Access page, go to the “Creations” dashboard here, select the experience, and then select Access from the left side menu. If you would prefer to not have users play your experience on any device type listed including VR, you can uncheck the appropriate option on the Access page.


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Words CANNOT describe how exciting this is. We finally have a way to play Roblox on Meta Quest, and I expect this to be HUGE for Roblox. Imagine playing all of your favorite games in VR!

This has to be one of the biggest Roblox updates of 2023, and possibly in a long while. This opens up so many new doors for developers, and I really can’t wait to see the future and how this ends up turning out


This’ll be great! Not having to go through your computer each time you want to open Roblox will be amazing.


I feel as though this platform will be underused. Most people that I know use a link cable and connect directly to their PCs. Current VR support makes it difficult to have an audience with VR medium being the focus.


I love this!! I was waiting for this for so long, I cant wait to go try it out!!


This is truly exciting news! I will be downloading it and testing it.


i’ve downloaded the app on my quest 2, and it’s in v55, but the quick login codes don’t work for me, i always get “We couldn’t match your location to the device trying to log in. Please try again on the same network.”, and it’s really frustrating. Any help?


Thank you! I really hope that it’s more stable because it’s native and running on the headset instead of on the computer!


  • I couldn’t hear anything, but I could hear oculus sfx so it wasnt muted entirely
  • The chat button did nothing ingame (edit: still happening Aug 17)
  • My avatar appeared (inanimated) in the ground under the home screen (edit: haven’t experienced this twice)
  • The roblox logo behind you looked like a loading screen, so I was waiting for a while
  • At least it wasn’t as blurry or digital looking!

This is a fantastic game changer! Finally the possibilities to shape experiences with VR.


That’s what you’ve seen so far since there was no native quest support. But this is only because some people don’t have gaming PCs that are able to run Roblox VR. Opening a big platform like the Meta Quest will open up a bigger community for Roblox VR, I think this will be successful because you might be underestimating how many people have been waiting for this to happen.


Stupid question, will we ever be able to customize the default Roblox VR home space ?


I shall beta have now access how they exciting it is, that would be amazing and i feel like for coming available to current on VR support as they did it PC to bring focusing on testing which is very cool.


This is what I’ve been waiting for! I only had a short amount of time to try it out, but this was really fun!

Also, some images were super low resolution, is that part of the Distorted Graphics/Graphics Performance? Or was that just unique to the game I was playing? I didn’t have more time to play any other game, so I just want confirmation


That’s exciting I’ll try it out when I am able to have my vr charged


I can’t wait to see where this goes. All of those POV rollercoaster rides can finally come to life.


Kind of hoped the menu for Roblox was flat like the example but it’s still great!

obviously it’s like that in a way but i imagined it showed your quest environment.


I haven’t been able to log in as no matter what device I use, even on the same network and NO VPN, I always get Login Failed:

“We couldn’t match your location to the device trying to log in, Please try again on the same network.”

It worked on another browser


Being honest here, I don’t think the Quest is powerful enough to run the majority of VR games at 60fps. I haven’t gotten around to testing it because I haven’t turned on my quest in a few months, but when the menus take a while to load, I’m not sure how good they are in independent gaming.


We will see an increase of VR Players