Roblox is coming to Meta Quest!

We are excited to announce that Roblox is coming to Meta Quest, with an Open Beta on App Lab releasing in the coming weeks!

Today, more than 66 million users join Roblox every day across a wide range of mobile devices (iOS and Android), desktops, and Xbox. Roblox, one of the largest 3D immersive platforms, will soon be available on Meta Quest, the leading VR headset. Roblox on Meta Quest is available for any user 13 and older.

This opens up another opportunity for developers to create and share their experiences with millions of people instantly on Meta Quest. Roblox developers will be able to bring their existing experiences to Meta Quest or create unique new experiences with VR in mind.

The easiest way to publish and distribute experiences to VR

Traditionally, developing a VR experience required a team that had VR-specific experience and skills. With Roblox, developers will soon be able to publish their existing experiences to support VR with little to no additional coding effort required. This is because Roblox is designed to be universal, allowing the same experiences to run everywhere.

A robust social platform for VR

Roblox’s cross-platform compatibility will allow the Meta Quest community to enjoy experiences together with other Roblox users on Xbox, iOS, Android, and desktop. This means that people will be able to explore Roblox’s 3D immersive platform, opening up new possibilities to connect, communicate, and express themselves with friends regardless of device or platform.

A rich content library for VR

Roblox has over 15 million active experiences[1.] from games to worlds to social spaces. Once Roblox is available on Meta Quest, people will have access to a vast new library of content to explore and enjoy on Meta Quest devices.

Roblox Open Beta on Meta Quest’s App Lab coming soon

In the coming weeks, we are releasing an Open Beta on Meta Quest’s App Lab. This will give you the opportunity to gather feedback from VR users who join your experience. The Open Beta on App Lab is a vital time for our developers to experiment, learn, and iterate on their VR experiences before Roblox is ready for full release on the Meta Quest Store. Please note, the Open Beta will only support Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro devices.

Stay tuned for more information on how to access the Roblox Open Beta for Meta Quest and developer documentation to help get you started. We can’t wait to see what amazing experiences our developer community will create and optimize with our Open Beta on App Lab.

New VR Device Type in Studio and Creator Dashboard

In preparation for launching Roblox on Meta Quest, we are adding “VR” as a new device type on the Access page of the Creator Dashboard and the Game Settings panel in Roblox Studio. You will see this new option in the next few days alongside Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, and Console.

Developers can use the new checkbox to control whether their experiences can run untethered on the Meta Quest 2 and Meta Quest Pro. Eventually, this setting will include all of the VR headsets we officially support.

VR enabled for experiences with default scripts

We’re committed to making Roblox on Meta Quest the best possible experience for our developers and users. To do so, we have automatically updated the Access setting for some of the experiences that use default player scripts to include support for VR devices. We have found that experiences that use default player scripts typically run well in VR without modifications. Automatically publishing these experiences allows us to seed our library of experiences that support VR devices. If your experience has been marked as playable on the Meta Quest, you’ll see “VR” checked in Studio and the Creator Dashboard.

This is a valuable step to ensure early momentum for VR devices is established and continues to expand as more experiences are available in VR. If you have tested your experience on Meta Quest and confirmed it works as desired, we encourage you to enable “VR” as a supported platform.

If you’d like to get to the Access page, go to the “Creations” dashboard here, select the experience, and then select Access from the left side menu. If you would prefer to not have users play your experience on any device type listed including VR, you can uncheck the appropriate option on the Access page.

We are grateful to everyone participating in the Open Beta, as you are directly helping us shape the future of Roblox on VR devices.

For more information on publishing experiences and places on Roblox, please refer to the following info here.

PC VR Developers

We’ve made some recent updates to our VR support, please see here.

We will continue supporting PC VR headsets going forward along with the new standalone VR mode on Meta Quest (without a PC connection).

For now, experiences published to ‘Desktop’ will continue to be available on PC VR. In the future, only experiences published to ‘VR’ (i.e., the ‘VR’ checkbox is checked) will be available on PC VR. We will provide advance notice before making this change.

Thank you for all of your support and feedback. We appreciate your willingness to share your thoughts and ideas with us. Please let us know what you think in the comments below!

[1.] 15 million experiences by December 31, 2022


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Will we get the ability to test VR games (input wise) without needing to spend hundreds of pounds on VR equipment.

I dont think VR on the visual side will ever be truly emulatable on a PC screen, though I guess you could try with an orbital mouse camera or something idk this isn’t my really my thing.


Finally we can use Roblox in Meta Quest! I wonder what will be next.


Glad to see Roblox coming to other platforms! Really excited for what’s to come!


Huge congratulations to the team working on this. Been excited to see this come to fruition for a long time - I’ve been eagerly following all sorts of information streams about it.

One interesting question I have - Meta Quest does not have a desktop interface. Everything is 3D! I assume there’s a new spatial/3D interface for browsing experiences and navigating the app? If so, can we expect this to come to PCVR too? It’s one of the biggest issues I have with PCVR right now - jumping out of the headset to browse on a flat screen is frictionful at best.


Holy this is a very huge W for Roblox!


Excited about this! I am looking foward to this but i want to know how to add it to my vr headset


pleaaaase this :pray:
when i was having issues with getting Roblox VR to start, i did my VR development on the flatscreen, only to find out that VR users were having issues interacting with my UI because there was an invisible part in front of their hand that I never noticed
it would be nice to have even just a rudimentary VR emulator for development, it would make stuff soo much easier
also LeftFoot RightFoot Hip UserCFrames when???


Will we finally get the ability, as we have with mobile, tablet and console experiences; to disable access for players using VR?




You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this. I’ve always wanted to make a VR game, but my computer can’t effectively run Roblox on my headset.

I hope we see more amazing games for VR! (even if there aren’t many)


This is huge. I’m very excited to make/play VR games that are actually accessible without relying on Virtual Desktop or Rift Link!! Not to be negative about this because this is overall an extremely positive update but all we need now is better VR development tools. The fact that most VR-supported games rely on Nexus (a community made VR script) says a lot.


I see this as a huge win for Roblox, I think this is huge opportunity for new players to engage with Roblox on different levels. And can also roll in some more of that money if you know what I mean… :slight_smile:


I think this is absolutely needed. We need another form of engagement with new tools and technologies. VR will be a huge game-changer for Roblox and the games in it.


Sounds like a good change!
But, I have a few questions.

As said by others, will we need to buy expensive equipment to test this? Will VR developers need a VR headset to make the game or will it be a similar system to the “Devices” page in the “Test” tab.

This seems like it has potential to be a good thing. But it would need to become available to more platforms other than two Meta Quest headsets. While they are currently the biggest. They are not the only one. Apple recently launched their Vision Pro, while expensive, there may be a cheaper one to come. The Pico 4 has also got hardware (to my understanding) to run this.
Please let this be a “step in the right direction” rather than a finished product.


Great news to hear this will make reaching the VR audience much easier but one concern I have is finding games that are designed with VR support in mind and not just default scripts.


Finally! This is really a step in the right direction for more VR titles. Very excited for this Roblox good work.


The only thing I see worth my attention in this thread is the ability to disable VR. I asked for this about a year ago and it appeared for a brief period of time before being removed, so I’m glad to see that it will be coming back and staying. I do not want to develop for a VR audience or for VR to be used with my experiences that have no VR support or are otherwise gamebreaking.


Long overdue, excited to see whats next