Military Building Feedback


I finished up another building for a project I’m working on. Terrain is not layed out yet for the most part, however the A side of the building has some to show the general theme.

Developer Log for entire project here!



In order to maintain an optimized environment, I had to keep interior details to a low.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!


It looks really nice for a low detail optimized military building.
Amazing job!

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You don’t really have to do that. Roblox does a bunch of stuff behind the scenes, such as camera culling (don’t render anything that you can’t see), and not rendering faces that aren’t visible. Go wild.

I would not recommend that. Part count and detail still effects performance.


What do you mean “to a low” about the interior???!?!?! The interior is absolute FIRE :fire: :fire:


Maybe if all the detail is cluttered in one spot, but if you space it out correctly, you can make it look good while still keeping performance.

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Roblox does not have a camera culling system, much less good auto-optimization support.

What behind the scenes? Maybe just the graphics feature and the small optimizations they have done so games can run on different devices.
Plus, to do occlusive culling would have to be done by hand and only very few have effectively achieved it.

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They do.

I’ve seen that video before, but he is not a Roblox engineer. He experiments using source code he acquired from him being in the intern program (or something) which he uses to create extremely complicated software. Aka; this video. But this is not an official Roblox feature and therefore your point is somewhat invalid.

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Yes, it is an official Roblox feature. Nowhere does he state otherwise. This is just a visualization of culling, he didn’t make it, Roblox did.

If terrain was laggy, there wouldn’t be culling. Terrain isn’t laggy. Because culling exists.

I have looked across the entire Roblox Developer page for official occlusion culling methods, ADHD “hacked” together a custom build of Roblox studio to see frustum culling.
Frustum and occlusion culling are different. (occlusion culling gives a higher amount of render performance) (seen in games like the last of us and more.)
Plus the fact is you have to do a ton of manual graphic optimizations that frustum culling does little to nothing to help. I use a low-end device and it has trouble running graphic level 5 even with Roblox’s geometry culling

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